DNC is paying Biden's legal bills

 April 13, 2024

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been paying President Joe Biden's legal bills.

This is according to a new report from Axios.

Per the outlet:

President Biden used campaign donations to help pay his legal bills last year during the special counsel's probe into his handling of classified documents, according to two people familiar with the matter and an Axios review of campaign finance records.

According to Biden, this is wrong.

Egregious hypocrisy

Biden and his allies - the mainstream media - have been hammering former President Donald Trump for allegedly using some campaign funds to pay for some of his legal bills.

For example, the Biden campaign's finance chair recently said, "Every single time you give to the campaign, we're going straight to talk to voters…We are not spending money on legal bills or hawking gold sneakers."

On a side note, it is probably worth mentioning that the only reason Trump has these legal bills in the first place is because Biden and his allies have been weaponizing the legal system against him, bringing dubious criminal and civil cases against him.

Back in February, Axios reported, "Former President Trump's political fundraising apparatus spent more than $50 million on legal costs last year as he faced a barrage of lawsuits and criminal charges in multiple jurisdictions."

Well, it turns out that, despite Biden's criticism of Trump, he has been doing the same thing.

The details

Axios reports, "The DNC — which has been collecting the biggest donations to Biden's re-election effort — paid more than $1.5 million to lawyers or firms representing Biden during the probe, according to the committee's financial filings."

The referred-to probe is the one that Special Counsel Robert Hurr led into the Biden classified document scandal. This is the one in which Hurr decided not to prosecute Biden, even though Biden broke the law, because, in Hurr's view, a jury would not convict Biden because he is a "sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

"From July 2023 to February 2024, the DNC paid $1.05 million to Bob Bauer PLLC — the professional limited liability company for Biden's lead attorney, Bob Bauer," Axios reports, adding, "Those payments were largely for handling the special counsel probe, including bringing on veteran lawyer David Laufman."

The outlet also reports that "Starting last July, the DNC increased its monthly payments to law firm Hemenway & Barnes from $15,000 to $100,000."

As the old saying goes, whatever a Democrat accuses a Republican of doing something, that Democrat is probably doing that thing.

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