DNC rule change could keep Biden off the ballot in New Hampshire's primary election

 May 19, 2023

President Joe Biden made clear in a video released late last month that he intends to once again be the Democratic Party's nominee.

However, a controversial decision by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has resulted in infighting, and it could leave Biden with a major embarrassment. 

Biden pushed to make South Carolina the first primary state

As Politico explained in an article published on Thursday, the president began pushing last year to have South Carolina replace New Hampshire as the Democratic Party's first primary contest.

As Fox News reported in December, that was widely seen as an attempt to reward South Carolina voters along with Rep. Jim Clyburn for all but rescuing his campaign in 2020.

Yet as Politico noted, New Hampshire Democrats have unsurprisingly been cool to losing their first-place spot. What's more, New Hampshire law mandates that a primary race must be held before that of any other state.

"We can’t change our laws and that’s that. We’re hosting the first primary. The president can decide if he wants to put his name on the ballot," New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley was quoted as saying.

Some Democrats propose extending the deadline to change the rules

For their part, Granite State Republicans have made clear that they will not amend the law despite a demand from the DNC to do so by June 30.

This could well produce a scenario where a sitting president's name does not appear on the ballot in his own party's primary election.

That fact has led prominent Democrats like American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten president Randi Weingarten to suggest that the deadline for New Hampshire be extended.

Weingarten, who is a member of the DNC committee that approved the calendar change, told Politico, "If there’s any opportunity for this to get resolved by New Hampshire having more time, all of us will say, 'Give New Hampshire more time.'"

California congressman says it would be "malpractice" to skip New Hampshire

Meanwhile, DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee co-chairman James Roosevelt, Jr. said that New Hampshire Democrats are "aware that that is an alternative."

"In states where state legislatures have refused to comply with the party rules, the state parties have run primaries that are conducted by the party," he explained.

Still, California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna has called on the president to campaign in New Hampshire's primary race regardless of when it is held.

"Let me be very clear: It would be political malpractice to strip New Hampshire of delegates, disenfranchising Granite State Democrats for a decision out of their control," Politico quoted Khanna as saying.

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