DNC signs off on a new presidential primary state schedule

 February 5, 2023

According to The Hill, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has just signed off on a rearrangement of the state schedule for presidential primaries. 

Several changes will now be made to the schedule, including removing New Hampshire from the number one spot that it has occupied for over 100 years.

The new schedule

According to the DNC's new state primary schedule, the first stop for Democrats will be South Carolina. Then, the next stops would be Nevada and New Hampshire, which would both take place on the same day. Georgia is then placed into the third spot and Michigan in the fourth.

Notably, Iowa is pushed back further into the year than it normally would be, and, Georgia and Michigan would be moved up significantly. Also notable is that South Carolina - a key state for President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election - is moved to the front of the line.

This plan, which apparently has the backing of Biden and other Democratic leaders, was approved by the DNC committee, through a voice vote, during a meeting that it held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.

The "why?"

DNC Chair Jamie Harrison put out a statement, which hints at why the changes are being made.

Harrison said:

The Democratic Party looks like America, and so does this proposal. This calendar does what is long overdue," he continued. "It expands the number of voices in the early window, and it elevates diverse communities that are at the core of the Democratic Party.

The Hill provides further explanation for the changes, writing, "President Biden and party leaders have backed the change as expanding the role that diverse populations play in choosing the eventual nominee instead of two states with overwhelmingly white populations."

Not everyone agrees

Although the DNC voted to implement the changes, not all Democrats are on board with them - including New Hampshire Democrats.

New Hampshire Democratic Party’s congressional delegation put out a statement, saying, "The vote by the Democratic National Committee in Philadelphia is not the last word on the 2024 Presidential primary calendar."

Iowa reportedly is also not pleased with the DNC's decision.

It might not be so easy . . .

The DNC, besides having to deal with disagreement from other Democrats, will also have to put up with the fact that Georgia and New Hampshire have Republican-controlled legislative and executive branches.

According to The Hill, the DNC has given both states an extension to change their primary date. But, given the Republicans' control of those states, it might not happen.

It's not clear how the DNC would proceed if it doesn't.

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