Doctor who fatally poisoned his wife is sentenced

 December 16, 2023

Dr. Jeffrey Harris has been sentenced to prison, according to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D). 

This comes after Harris was convicted of fatally poisoning his wife.

Bragg announced Harris's sentencing in a press release that his office published on Friday, Dec. 15, 2023.

"Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Jr., today announced the sentencing of DR. JEFFREY HARRIS, 59, to an indeterminate term of 5-to-15 years in state prison, the maximum penalty . . .," the press release states.


In October, a jury convicted the 59-year-old Harris, according to the New York Post, of manslaughter for the death of his wife, Tammy Harris.

The Post reports, "Tammy had Lupus but her husband — who specialized in internal medicine — rejected the diagnosis from other doctors, taking her care into his own hands and plying her with a range of medicines and supplements."

The medicines and supplements, however, did not work, and Tammy Harris ended up passing away in 2018, at the age of 55.

During Harris's trial, the prosecution focused especially on Harris's giving of the dietary supplement selenium to his wife. It was found, according to the Post, that Tammy Harris "had 10 times more selenium in her blood than is recommended."

Tammy Harris ended up dying from heart failure, and her death was ruled a homicide.

Convicted and sentenced

Harris, in October, was convicted of manslaughter in the second degree, and, now, Harris has been sentenced to 5-to-15 years of imprisonment.

Bragg, in a statement following Harris's sentencing, accused the medical doctor of having "betrayed his duty as a physician."

"Jeffrey Harris betrayed his duty as a physician and as a husband by ignoring all medical evidence and advice and experimenting on his wife, leading to her slow and painful death," Bragg wrote.

He added:

Dr. Harris prevented his wife, Tammy, from being treated for lupus, and instead filled her with unnecessary prescription medications and herbal supplements that exacerbated her symptoms and left her in excruciating pain. He moved from one diagnosis to the next, finally falsifying mercury poisoning and giving her such high doses of selenium that he eventually killed her with his reckless treatment. My heart goes out to her loved ones, and in particular her children. I hope they have some sense of resolution as this final chapter closes.

Harris's attorney, Jason Goldman, released his own statement on the sentencing, saying, "Many loved ones, friends, and colleagues of both Doctor Harris and his late-wife Tammy had urged the Court for leniency today. We are disappointed, to say the least."

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