Doctors call for Biden to undergo cognitive, dementia tests amid brutal week of gaffes and report exposing faulty memory

 February 10, 2024

The frequency of President Joe Biden's gaffes and verbal miscues seems to have rapidly accelerated in recent weeks, and just days ago he was hit with a damning special counsel report on his mishandling of classified documents that portrayed him as suffering from "significant limitations" to his memory and cognitive capabilities.

The increasingly apparent diminishment has now prompted several doctors to urge Biden to immediately undergo tests for cognition and dementia, and for the results of those tests to be made public in the interest of transparency, the Daily Mail reported.

Mounting evidence of diminishment from just this week

In just the past week or so, there have been multiple instances of President Biden making major misstatements in speeches, including mistakenly referencing long-deceased former world leaders for their current counterparts, mixing up current leaders and the nations they represent -- such as Egypt and Mexico -- and even erroneously referring to his own predecessor, former President Donald Trump, as the "sitting president," among other false comments.

That was capped off by the DOJ report this week that outlined how Biden had "willfully retained" without authorization dozens of classified documents in his home and office from his time as a senator and vice president -- though prosecutors declined to bring charges due to his age, faulty memory, and apparent mental incompetence, including him forgetting the dates of his vice presidency and when his son Beau died, among other key events in his life and political career.

Coinciding with all of that was a recent NBC News poll which found that roughly 89% of Americans have some level of concern about Biden's mental and physical health -- including more than half of all Democrats -- as he seeks a second term in the White House.

Doctors express urgent concern over Biden's apparent mental health decline

New York physician Dr. Stuart Fischer told the Daily Mail of President Biden that a cognitive test was "long overdue" and said of the White House, "If you want to prove to the public [that he's mentally and physically sound], you've got to show them," adding, "You're in the top job in the country ... you have got to be able to produce."

Fischer noted the British Royal Family's openness about the king's recent prostate cancer diagnosis and suggested Biden's White House should emulate that transparency, as he observed, "Look at King Charles -- this is called honesty and this is how we should all live, they are reassuring the public. Honesty is the best policy."

Dr. Jane Orient, of the conservative-leaning Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, referenced the U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment and its clause that allows the vice president and Cabinet to remove an unfit president, and told the Daily Mail, "I think the 25th Amendment is a political one and is unlikely to happen because the Democrat Party and all the Cabinet secretaries are going to be loyal to Biden and they're happy with things as they are."

"But I think a case can be made [that it should be invoked]. Speaking just as a citizen who observes him talking and observes the gaffes, I have reason to be very much concerned," she added. "The person who is commander in chief of our armed forces and making very critical decisions about every second of our life may not know what he's doing."

The Daily Mail also heard from Georgia anesthesiologist Dr. Yusuf Hameed, who said of the president, "His mental faculties are diminishing ... It happens to everyone, but some signs of dementia occur at a faster rate than others."

"It's hard to delineate those patients who will have accelerated signs of dementia, but remembering conversations with dead world leaders is concerning," he added. "If a prosecutor is unwilling to prosecute because of a person's poor memory and frailties, then Biden has problems."

If he's too incompetent to face criminal charges, he's too incompetent to be president

The New York Post similarly reported that some doctors are calling for President Biden to undergo and publicize the results of a mental competency test, including former White House physician-turned-Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who has long been highly critical of the incumbent president's increasingly evident mental health decline.

"He doesn’t need a [cognitive] screening test," Jackson told the Post of Biden. "He needs an actual cognitive battery of tests, objectively done, put on paper, and briefed to the American people by his physician."

While not diagnosing anything specific, the congressman explained, "This guy has cognitive issues related to his age: He shuffles when he walks, he slurs his speech, he forgets where he’s at, what he’s doing, he can’t remember names, he can’t remember dates -- that is not someone that should be in control of the nuclear codes in this country and controlling our fate overseas," and added, "If you’re too incompetent and too cognitively impaired because of your age to defend yourself from these charges -- if he’s charged -- then it absolutely, positively goes without saying you should not be the commander-in-chief."

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