Documents confirm Joe Biden was the family 'brand' emphasized in bribery deals

 October 6, 2023

The House Ways and Means Committee's blog noted that over 700 pages of documents showed that President Joe Biden was the focus of the "brand" used in business bribery deals.

The message was shared in a press release from the committee regarding a controversial WhatsApp message from 2017.

Clear evidence

“It is clear that then-Vice President Joe Biden’s political power and influence was quote ‘the brand’ that Hunter Biden was selling all over the world," committee chairman Jason Smit wrote.

"Even more alarming, the Biden Family's foreign influence peddling operation suggests an effort to sway U.S. policy decisions," he stated.

Growing information

"In addition to the WhatsApp message, IRS investigators provided the Ways and Means Committee with worksheets connecting Hunter Biden’s business activities to official government activity during his father’s tenure as Vice President of the United States," the committee wrote.

"These worksheets, compiled as part of their investigation, clearly detail numerous in-person meetings and phone calls where Joe Biden interacted with his son’s business associates, as well as taxpayer-funded travel on Air Force Two with Hunter Biden and his business partners," it continued.

Aware and involved

"Documents released by@WaysandMeansGOP show how President Biden, was not just aware, but was connected to Hunter Biden’s business deals and how DOJ refused to investigate those connections," Smith posted to X, formerly Twitter.

"We will keep uncovering the truth about the Biden family influence-peddling scheme," he noted.

The evidence adds to growing concerns about tens of millions of dollars in foreign business deals involving the president and his family members.

The information has led to an impeachment inquiry with Rep. James Comer (R-KY) ending the opening hearing with plans to subpoena the president's banking records.

The latest committee report shows that Hunter Biden was well aware of using his father's "brand" to bring in income, offering clear details to establish the Biden case currently under investigation.

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