DOJ charges conservative journalist who covered January 6th

 December 15, 2023

The Biden Justice Department is charging a conservative journalist who has reported critically on the government's response to the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. 

Steve Baker of The Blaze shared the news with his followers on X, saying the charges are not yet clear.

He will have to surrender on Tuesday.

"My attorney has just been notified by @FBI that I am going to be charged by @TheJusticeDept for my journalistic efforts on #Jan6," Baker wrote. "I have to self-surrender on Tuesday. Charges are yet unknown. Stay tuned for more information to follow this afternoon."

Conservative journalist charged

Baker began covering January 6th as an independent journalist before joining The Blaze in October. One of his articles raised questions about whether Capitol Police committed perjury during the high-profile Oath Keepers trial.

Baker spent time inside the Capitol on January 6th and documented the unrest but did not commit any violence.

He connected the charges with his investigative reporting, calling the timing "suspect."

As a result of the charges, Baker can expect travel restrictions that will interfere with his ability to continue his reporting in Washington D.C.

Editor-in-chief of The Blaze, Matthew Peterson, said the charges were a form of "outrageous retaliation" by the Biden regime.

Two years of investigation

Baker was initially contacted by the FBI in 2021.

After sitting for an interview with the FBI where he volunteered to share his videos with the government, Baker was warned by a federal prosecutor that he would be charged imminently.

Baker was told by his attorney he could expect to face "property damage" charges - Baker suspected because he admitted to standing on a bench - and "interstate racketeering" because he sold his videos to media companies.

But the investigation continued for another two years, until Baker's attorney received a grand jury subpoena this August for Baker's January 6th videos.

Then came the news that he would, in fact, be charged - after two years of waiting.

Biden's crackdown

Biden's Justice Department is keeping its promise to hunt down every person who spent any length of time in the Capitol - regardless of how peaceful they were or if they were there as reporters.

The DOJ has charged over 1,000 people, including hundreds for assaulting police, although most are not accused of any violence.

A journalist for Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, was sentenced to two months in prison despite never entering the Capitol or engaging in violence.

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