DOJ filings prove Hunter Biden laptop is authentic

 January 18, 2024

New filings by the Justice Department have used information from the Hunter Biden laptop as evidence, proving that the laptop is real, it belonged to Hunter Biden, and that the DOJ knew it from the beginning. 

“In a new court filing today, the DOJ confirms Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, that he left it at a computer store, and that the contents matched what they obtained from a search warrant of his iCloud," Miranda Devine, who helped break the story in October 2020, posted on X.

The filings included a text message sent by Biden that he met a drug dealer, smoked crack, and slept in a car within 48 hours of purchasing a firearm in 2018, which he had to lie on an ATF form to obtain.

It is illegal to purchase a firearm if you are actively using illegal drugs, and the ATF form asks plainly about that very thing.

Impact on the election

Why is it important? The media's handling of the laptop story was singlehandedly responsible for handing President Joe Biden the 2020 election.

Despite knowing the story was true, the Biden campaign strong-armed 51 former U.S. intelligence officials into signing a letter stating their collective opinion that the laptop story was "Russian disinformation," which led to media outlets ignoring or voluntarily censoring stories about it and the information it contained.

The campaign also strong-armed social media companies into censoring the story, even though it was true.

It caused enough doubt and obscurity that the story didn't have much impact on the election and how people voted.

Later, when voters were polled about whether knowing about the laptop would have changed their vote, around 12% said it would have.

This would have been enough to elect former President Donald Trump instead of Biden, and remains the largest example of election fraud in that election.

Deeper state

It's highly important to remember these tactics in the months before the 2024 election.

There have been some safeguards put in place to prevent the same things from happening again, but the left will undoubtedly have new and equally dishonest tricks up their sleeves.

The Deep State has only gotten deeper, and Democrats will be all-the-more desperate to keep Biden in power, even if he is completely senile at this point.

Mark my words: they know they probably aren't going to win on the merits, so they will be cheating in every way they know how.

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Thomas Jefferson
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