DOJ snooped on Congress and Trump staff during investigation of FBI

 December 27, 2022

Google notified two House GOP investigators last week that the Justice Department had subpoenaed their emails and phone data in order to find out what they knew about the investigation into the FBI's involvement in the false Trump-Russia collusion scandal, according to the Western Journal.

It is Google's policy to release information on subpoenas of politicians or staffers five years after they are issued.

Back in 2017, the DOJ subpoenaed the personal information of Former Intelligence Committee senior counsel Kash Patel and another staffer right as Patel was investigating the FBI under Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes (R-CA), according to a memo from Google.

"Political vendetta"

Patel called the spying "shocking" and a "political vendetta."

“Because a co-equal branch of government, we as congressional investigators and Devin Nunes, his staff on House Intel were conducting constitutional demanded oversight of the fraudulent acts at the FBI and DOJ which we now know happened,” Patel told Just the News.

Nunes has demanded that incoming House Republicans investigate the spying.

Nunes told Just the News: “The FBI and DOJ spied on a presidential campaign, and when Congress began exposing what they were doing, they spied on us to find out what we knew and how we knew it.”

He added, “It’s an egregious abuse of power that the next Congress must investigate so these agencies can be held accountable and reformed.”

Suspicions of spying

Nunes and Patel said they long suspected that his committee was monitored during the investigation since then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein went off on them in a meeting and threatened surveillance.

“In this one meeting, in particular, Rod Rosenstein, who’s known for losing his temper, had done so before and in this meeting, screamed at the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and myself. And he literally said verbatim, if you’re going to continue this investigation, I’m going to subpoena you and your records, looking at the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and looking at his senior counsel and chief investigator on the Russiagate,” Patel said.

New information suggests that more than just two staffers may have been spied on, according to Nunes.

“It appears to be that it’s not just a couple staff, it looks like it probably is more," Nunes said last week on the Dan Bongino podcast. "We only have a couple subpoenas at this point so this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.”

Not only did the FBI illegally spy on former President Donald Trump when he was a candidate, it also spied on those who were attempting to hold them accountable for their previous actions.

When Republicans get back into power in the House, they need to deal with the out-of-control FBI immediately before they can do any more damage.

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