Donald Trump collects huge win against Jack Smith, trial likely delayed indefinitely

 March 2, 2024

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon who is overseeing former President Donald Trump's classified documents trial held her last hearing to determine when the trial will officially begin.

The trial for Special Counsel Jack Smith's indictment of Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents is set for May 20th but Judge Cannon ended the hearing without confirming a decision about when the trial would begin.

This decision by Judge Cannon to not set an official time further suggests that the trial will be delayed, likely until after the 2024 presidential election.

Jay Bratt of the the special counsel's office argued that the trial should begin in July and that such a move would not violate Department of Justice guidelines that typically recommend against politically charged trials near elections.

Both Trump and Smith were in attendance at the Florida courtroom but Trump left with seemingly more assurance that Smith's desired trial date in July won't work for Judge Cannon.

Another setback for Smith

Jack Smith has been consistently held off and rebuffed by Trump's legal team which has been playing for time for the past year.

Smith, along with the other Democrats attempting to prosecute Trump, are all trying to land convictions before the 2024 presidential election in November.

The hope is that a criminal conviction will give President Joe Biden something real that he can use against Trump and hopefully secure another term in the White House.

However, it seems highly unlikely that Smith's team will get their wish and Joe Biden will have to win the election without the advantage of using the justice system against his biggest political opponent.

During the hearing, Trump attorney Todd Blanche hit back at Smith's team saying, "We very much continue to believe that a trial that takes place before the election is a mistake and should not happen."

Having a massive trial resulting in a criminal conviction just months before the election is exactly what Democrats want and what Trump's lawyers are working to prevent.

Disaster for Biden

Things have gone badly for Joe Biden in the past year. Thanks to Biden's collection of devastating mistakes, Trump has surged back more powerful than ever and all metric indicate that he will win the election in November.

Biden's only real hope lay with Smith and other's like Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is facing the prospect of being removed from her case against Trump.

Biden can't beat Trump on the economy or foreign policy. At this point, he will need a miracle, or a hand on the scales, to win in 2024.

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