Donald Trump reveals why Melania was missing from Christmas photo

 January 2, 2024

Former President Donald Trump addressed the recent intrigue surrounding Melania Trump's absence from the family's Christmas photo, snapped at their Mar-a-Lago estate.

Responding to inquiries, sources clarified that Melania was dealing with a family matter.

The explanation

On New Year's Eve, Trump offered an update during a gathering, revealing that Melania was by her mother, Amalija Knavs', side in the hospital.

“Melania, great first lady. So popular, and people love her. She’s right now in the hospital with her mother. Her mother, Amalija, is very ill. But hopefully she’ll be recovering,” Trump said.

In a video captured by an attendee and shared on X, Trump conveyed well-wishes for a swift recovery to his mother-in-law, acknowledging the challenging circumstances.

He also conveyed Melania's love for everyone and lauded her as a "great first lady," highlighting her immense popularity among the people.

Melania after the White House

Since departing the White House in 2020, Melania Trump has consciously maintained a lower public profile, making occasional appearances.

She attended the funeral service of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter in November and participated in a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives in December.

Melania Trump has refrained from accompanying her husband to court appearances and has steered clear of involvement in his political activities.

The speculation

The former first lady's intermittent public engagements have sparked speculation about her future role in Donald Trump's pursuits.

Trump's acknowledgment of Melania's current focus on her mother's health raises questions about whether she intends to resume a more active public role.

This includes potential participation in her husband's political endeavors, such as accompanying him on the campaign trail or joining in future family events, like the next year's Christmas card. The upcoming months are poised to provide insights into Melania Trump's decisions and the extent of her engagement in her husband's campaign.

Sources have reported that she plans to be more involved in Trump's comeback in 2024 but supporters will need to wait to see how she decides to be involved with the first primary in Iowa quickly approaching later this month.

The speculation is set to continue as part of a wide array of concerns facing the former president, including a ballot ban in Maine that he hopes to see reversed before his primary in the state later this year.

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