Donald Trump Says Sidney Powell Was "Never" His Attorney

October 23, 2023

Days after Sidney Powell took a plea deal and admitted guilt in the Georgia election interference case, Donald Trump is already starting to play defense on the issue.

Everyone in America thought that Sidney Powell had been representing Donald Trump in the aftermath of his 2020 election "loss."

Trump's now telling the nation that was never true.

"Despite the Fake News reports to the contrary, and without even reaching out to ask the Trump Campaign, MS. POWELL WAS NOT MY ATTORNEY, AND NEVER WAS. In fact, she would have been conflicted," Trump claimed.

It makes sense that Donald Trump would want to get as far away as possible. Despite what Trump is saying, many people were pretty sure that Trump had teamed up with Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani after the 2020 election.

Powell going down definitely signaled that there was at least a shred of possibility that the same fate could fall upon Donald Trump.

After all, Powell and Trump were in many of the same places at the same time following the 2020 election.

Trump is saying that Powell was never his lawyer, but even Republicans would call him a liar if Trump goes so far as to claim that the two were never working on the same team.

Powell was clearly doing some of Trump's dirty work, whether Trump wants to call it that or not.

What Trump did admit to was the fact that Powell had done a great job representing General Mike Flynn in the past.

"Ms. Powell did a valiant job of representing a very unfairly treated and governmentally abused General Mike Flynn, but to no avail," Trump said. "His prosecution, despite the facts, was ruthless."

What do you think about this story? Do you believe Donald Trump that Sidney Powell was "never" his lawyer despite her clearly speaking on Donald's behalf many times?

Does it even make any difference if Powell is or isn't his lawyer?

Maybe not.

If she was his lawyer, Trump needs to be judged on his own merits anyway.

If she wasn't his lawyer, then why should a decision in her case have any impact on Trump's case?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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