Doom metal icon Mark Adams dies at 64

 May 26, 2023

Doom metal fans were left in mourning this week after learning that iconic bass player Mark Adams passed away at the relatively young age of 64. 

The website Blabbermouth pointed to a statement put out by Dave Chandler, a veteran guitarist who co-founded the band Saint Vitus alongside Adams.

Former bandmate praises Adams for being "the best person I ever met"

"This is the hardest thing I've ever had to write. I found out last night. I can't say it out loud. I'm heartbroken to inform everyone that my best friend and co-founder of  Saint Vitus Mark Adams has passed away," Chandler was quoted as saying.

Chandler added that the details concerning Adams' passing were "vague" and stressed that he hadn't "actually spoken with the family yet."

"He left us May 23 2023 peacefully in his sleep. I'm trying to contact anyone in the family to find out more," the musician continued.

"Mark was the best person I've ever met. He was kind to everyone, even those who did him wrong. Never had a bad word to say about anyone," Chandler declared.

Drummer calls Adams his "best friend" and attributes death to Parkinson's Disease

"Always found the good in everything no matter how bad it was. A great guy to be around. Nothing will ever be the same. God bless you, my dear friend. I love you. Mark Anthony Adams. 1958 - 2023,'" he concluded.

Meanwhile, the website Loudwire noted that Adams' passing had been confirmed in a Facebook post on Wednesday by current Saint Vitus drummer Henry Vasquez.

"With an extremely heavy heart I was notified this evening of the passing of one of my best friends, Mark Adams," Vasquez wrote.

The drummer went on to praise Adams for being a "great, supportive and loyal friend to the end" and attributed his death to Parkinson's Disease.

Fans and fellow musicians lament Adams' passing

A GoFundMe campaign was created in 2018 to help cover the medical costs associated with Adams' Parkinson's Disease diagnosis.

Blabbermouth recalled how Saint Vitus' self-titled 1980 album was followed in 1985 with "Hallow's Victim." It noted that the band built up a "dedicated underground following" with "connoisseurs of doom."

Adam's death was met with sadness among fans and musicians alike, with one tweeting, "Doom Metal will never ever be the same again, thank you Mark Adams!"

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