Doug Burgum questioned about being possible running mate for Trump

 May 12, 2024

There is growing speculation over who former President Donald Trump will select as his running mate, with New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik and Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance being cited as possible candidates.

Yet in what would be a bombshell move, some observers have suggested that Trump could go with the lesser known North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum.

Burgum traveled with Trump to New Jersey rally

The New York Post noted that Burgum was "a surprise addition" to the manifest on Trump's private plane this weekend as he traveled with the president to a massive New Jersey rally.

Burgum later gave an interview to the Post in which he touted the former president, saying that his reelection effort is "so important for the country."

"As a governor having had the opportunity to serve under President Trump and President Biden, I get to see a front row seat on the difference in what leadership means," Burgum declared.

Governor dismisses VP talk

The governor went on to emphasize Trump's "remarkable" work ethic, stating, "Every minute he’s on that plane, he and everybody on the team is working."

Yet while Burgum was happy to talk about the former president, he had far less to say regarding the possibility of joining Trump on this year's ballot.

"I dismiss sort of all of that. Because just a week ago at Mar-a-Lago, when someone asked him, during his remarks, he said that there was over 50 people on the shortlist. So the shortlist could be very long," Burgum insisted.

"And I think everybody who cares about this country should be out helping the campaign for President Trump and that’s what the first lady and I are doing," the North Dakota governor went on to add.

Trump rules out Nikki Haley

The Post pointed out that Trump singled out Burgum by name during his New Jersey rally and said he should be "get ready" for "something."

When the newspaper asked Burgum what Trump had meant by those remarks, the governor jokingly responded, "Another day at the beach."

Burgum reiterated his view that "Donald Trump means strength" whereas the current White House occupant offers only "weakness."

Although it remains unclear what, if any, role Burgum would play in a second Trump administration, The Post observed that Trump recently ruled out former South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley as a vice presidential contender.

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