Drone attack reported in Northern Israel, but it was false alarm

 October 12, 2023

For a little while on Wednesday, Israelis to the north thought their worst fears were coming true.

The Israeli military ordered those near the border with Lebanon to take shelter in their safe rooms to protect themselves from a possible drone attack, but later called off the alert, saying it was a false alarm. 

News reports about the alert quickly took on a life of their own, reporting 15-20 drones and terrorists on paragliders landing in the North when none of it actually existed.

The supposed attack was also posted about on X.

Was it just a drill?

An elaborate map of alerts was quickly circulated before everything was canceled.

There have been small clashes along the northern border since the larger-scale Hamas attack, so it isn't surprising that false reports would be spread.

An attack like the one reported could come if Hezbollah decided to join with Hamas and open a second front of fighting to the north.

Israel has called up 360,000 reserve soldiers to defend itself and launch a possible ground attack on Gaza, although it has not yet officially decided to do so.

Conditions in Gaza

Conditions for the 2.3 million residents in Gaza have rapidly worsened, since Israel cut the power that it had been providing (for free) to the region.

Israel has also stopped deliveries of food and supplies to the area, saying that Hamas needs to release the 150 or more hostages they have taken in order for deliveries to resume.

Whole neighborhoods have been leveled, and 340,000 people have fled to UN schools and other safer areas.

Israel does warn residents ahead of time before air strikes, but there will likely be some civilian casualties anyway.

Death toll rising in Gaza

Over 1,400 people have died in Gaza since Israel began to fight back after it was horrifically attacked by around 1,000 Hamas fighters on Saturday.

This number eclipses the 700 or so dead in Israel at the hands of Hamas, including at least 25 Americans.

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