Drug dealer released by Obama accused of attempted murder

 May 21, 2023

A former drug dealer whose sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama has been accused in an Illinois shooting.

Alton Mills, 54, faces three charges of attempted murder following Obama's commutation during his presidency.

The incident

"The incident happened Sunday when the suspect was inside a car and allegedly fired at another vehicle while driving on an Interstate 57 ramp in the Chicago village of Posen," Breitbart News reported.

"Officials said that, during the shooting, a passenger in the victim’s car was hit by gunfire. That individual suffered life-threatening injuries," it added.

The background

"In 1994, Mills received a life sentence for trafficking cocaine because the crime was his third felony conviction, even though neither of his previous convictions resulted in prison time. After Obama commuted his sentence, his defense attorney said this week, Mills went to work for the Chicago Transit Authority. He also campaigned to eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing," CW Chicago noted.

"Shortly after receiving clemency, Mills spoke at a U.S. Senate criminal justice forum at the invitation of Sen. Dick Durbin. At the time, Durbin said Mills was 'an overlooked casualty in our ‘war on drugs,'" it added.

The attempted murder case came early Sunday morning, May 14, after three friends left a nightclub in south suburban Harvey. As their Ford Explorer neared the ramp to I-57, the driver pulled up behind Mills’ SUV at a red light, Assistant State’s Attorney Kathryn Morrissey said during Mills’ bail hearing this week, according to the report.

"Mills’ car didn’t move when the light turned green, so the Explorer’s driver pulled around and passed without screaming or honking, according to Morrissey. She said Mills sped to catch up to the Explorer, pulled up next to them, and fired shots from his driver’s window," it added.

A bullet struck a woman sleeping in the Explorer’s back seat in the head.

The commuted sentence may now come back to hurt Democrats as they deal with criticisms of being soft on crime.

The 2024 election cycle will ultimately allow voters to decide whether to allow the left to continue leading under weak criminal policies or choose new leaders willing to crack down on crime.

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