Education Secretary Miguel Cardona served as 'designated survivor' for Biden's SOTU speech

 March 9, 2024

Every year for the State of the Union address, a "designated survivor" from the president's Cabinet is chosen just in case something catastrophic happens to ensure the continuity of the U.S. government. 

During President Joe Biden's State of the Union address last week, CNN reported that Education Secretary Miguel Cardona served as this year's designated survivor.

Cardona, like past designated survivors, was whisked off to an undisclosed location to be ready to act as president should a mass casualty disaster strike the U.S. Capitol during the annual speech.

Biden appointed Cardona as the Education Secretary in March 2021.

Biden's SOTU speech

Not surprisingly, Biden was mostly praised by those within his party for his State of the Union address, as they desperately continue to attempt to gaslight the American public into believing everything is alright.

However, reasonable politicians and people who watched the address saw something much different -- a struggling, elderly president who, according to Rep. Kevin McCarthy and many others, looked "mean and angry" all night.

Biden was widely criticized for using this year's SOTU address to attack Republicans and many wrote it off as nothing less than a 2024 Democratic presidential campaign speech.

"He wasn’t speaking to the nation, what he was really doing is speaking to his party," McCarthy said in a recent Fox News interview, according to The Hill.

"This was more about a convention," McCarthy added. "I think he was worried about Democrats removing him for the nominee. That’s why he came out – he tried to show every Democrat some – you know, you gotta be tougher, you gotta be stronger, and all he did was look mean and angry."

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who sat behind Biden next to Vice President Kamala Harris during the speech, told Fox News, "There’s a lot of memes, I guess, going around tonight about my facial expressions. I did not like the speech, I don’t think the American people liked it, and there wasn’t much I could do about that. I guess I didn’t hide that very well."

Brutally mocked

In true Biden fashion, the 81-year-old president made multiple gaffes during his SOTU address.

The gaffes were too numerous to mention here, but social media users all shared the same sentiment.

"Biden’s SOTU speech was the dumbest, most pathetic, lie-filled, preposterous speech by the biggest ignoramus ever to sit in the Oval Office," conservative commentator Mark Levin wrote.

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