Eggs soar to $7 a dozen in Biden's America

 January 9, 2023

In Biden's America, grocery prices have steadily risen, so that food items overall cost at least 25% more than they did just two years ago.

No grocery item has increased as fast as eggs, which are now around $7 a dozen in some parts of the United States. 

"$7 eggs are the new normal," Front Page Magazine lamented, linking the new high to inflation caused by President Joe Biden's policies.

Bird flu, too

Most other media sources have blamed high egg prices on the loss of 57 million birds due to a bird flu outbreak, most of them chickens.

Surely this did contribute to the surge, but inflation has played a part, too.

During the last bird flu outbreak in 2015, egg prices did not go nearly as high, and quickly came back down. This time, high prices have persisted through much of 2022, and are not expected to come back down until well into 2023.

The double whammy has made eggs nearly unaffordable, when they used to be a staple that even those who didn't have much money for groceries could afford.

Eggs are a staple

Eggs used to be cheaper than meat for a similar amount of protein, but now, meats other than beef are usually cheaper for a similar amount of protein.

And meats aren't getting any cheaper, either.

“A lot of things are up since 2020,” Bill Lapp, president of Advanced Economic Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in food economics, previously told CNBC. “But the recent spike is extraordinary in the shell-egg as well as egg-product markets.”

Biden boasts ignore inflation

Biden continues to boast about the strength of the economy and the availability of jobs, but jobs don't do a whole lot of good when you need two of them to pay for groceries and other bills that have increased, like energy bills.

Wages are not increasing as much as inflation, leaving most families with less real income than when Biden took office two years ago.

While inflation is now at 7.1%, down from more than 9% in June 2022, salaries are only increasing around 4.5%, according to CNBC.

Two-thirds of Americans say their income is not keeping up with inflation, and short of taking on multiple jobs or implementing cost-cutting measures, there really isn't much that can be done about it without fixing inflation by curbing Biden's excessive spending habits.

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