Elon Musk hints he could support Tim Scott in GOP presidential primary

 May 23, 2023

Twitter CEO and billionaire Elon Musk showed support for presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) as he launched his campaign Monday by retweeting his launch message, while stopping short of an actual endorsement.

Musk retweeted the livestream announcement from Scott's office announcing his candidacy, titled "Let's go!"

Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate, joins former President Donald Trump, former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson in the 2024 presidential race. Former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are also widely expected to join the race.

Positive message

Scott has emphasized a positive message and not buying in to a victimhood mentality.

During a speech Monday, he said, "Victimhood or victory? Grievance or greatness? I choose freedom and hope and opportunity."

The words seemed to be a veiled jab at Trump, who is still grumbling about his loss in the 2020 election.

Scott's positive message seems to be resonating with Musk, who also retweeted his campaign launch video with the caption "Great statement by @votetimscott!"

Does Scott have a chance?

Scott hopes to rise in the polls now that he is an official candidate, and Musk's encouraging tweets could be just what he needs to get some traction.

"I think after the announcement I think the polls will start to change," Scott told Fox News on Sunday. "I think there’s an enthusiasm that will continue to spread throughout the country. And we’ll start doing the things candidates do, which will include going back to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and beyond. So we’ll spend the time, stay on the campaign trail, and make sure we have the message that works."

He has a lot of ground to make up, however, and Trump still seems to be sucking up most of the oxygen in the GOP, particularly around the presidential primary.

While Trump consistently has 50-60% support from Republicans in polls, Scott has trailed even DeSantis, who is usually 30 points behind Trump.

Crowded field

It's a crowded field, but Scott has by far the most positive message and the best intersectional credentials, if that matters to the GOP.

Unfortunately, he is probably way too good a person to survive the presidential primary process, at least at this point in history. As a country, we seem to be reaping what we sow as far as mediocre to bad candidates who don't actually change anything, just attack each other as the source of all the country's woes.

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