Email from 2010 shows then-VP Biden said Obama had 'no grace' in reply to plagiarism accusation from Hunter

September 16, 2023

President Joe Biden's failed 1988 presidential run was thoroughly derailed amid allegations that he had engaged in plagiarism, both in a law review paper while at Syracuse University College of Law as well as in some of his political speeches.

Rather ironically, a 2010 email was recently uncovered in which then-Vice President Biden seemed to agree with his son Hunter Biden that then-President Barack Obama had plagiarized his own remarks in a speech, Fox News reported.

Further, and contrary to the prevailing narrative from Democrats and the media that Obama and Biden were close pals with great mutual respect for one another, the elder Biden seemed to imply that his boss and supposed friend had "no grace" in response to the younger Biden's accusation.

Biden said Obama had "no grace"

In September 2010, just one day after then-President Obama had delivered a Labor Day speech to union workers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hunter Biden sent an email to what has since been revealed to be an alias account used by then-VP Biden to highlight and complain about a particular passage in Obama's speech.

"Interesting language from the President: 'They (his grandparent) would tell me about seeing their fathers or uncles losing their jobs ... how it wasn't just a loss of a paycheck that stung. It was the blow to their dignity, their sense of self worth,'" Hunter wrote. "Wonder where he got that from? Im surprised he didn't finish with the long walk up a short flight of stairs. Pretty amazing."

In reply to that message, Joe simply wrote, "No grace."

Obama remarks comparable to lines in Biden speeches

Fox News noted that it appeared that Hunter was referencing a speech that Joe had delivered in 2008 during his failed presidential candidacy that year in which -- as he has continued to do in countless speeches since -- spoke of how losing a job meant more than just the loss of a paycheck but also constituted a loss of "dignity" and "respect."

As for Hunter's quip about the "long walk up a short flight of stairs," that was also in reference to a different 2008 speech from Joe, in which he had said, "You know, when a job is lost or a house is foreclosed on, it's not just an economic loss, it's emotionally devastating for a family.

"It's about a parent having to make that long walk up a short flight of stairs, like my dad did when I was 10 years old, and walk into the child's bedroom and say, 'Honey, I'm sorry -- I'm sorry but Daddy lost his job or Mommy lost her job,'" he added.

Email used an alias address for the vice president

Setting aside the apparent jab at Obama from the Bidens, not to mention the current president's own history of plagiarism accusations, the 2010 email is revelatory and confirms the recent admission that then-VP Biden often used an alias or pseudonym when exchanging email messages, per Fox News.

The email address at issue here, "," was first discovered on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop by the Marco Polo group that has painstakingly explored and documented everything that has been recovered from that device.

Notably, the "Auks" is the mascot of the Archmere Academy high school that both Joe and Hunter attended in Delaware, and that same address was found multiple times in emails that were of both a personal and professional manner.

Biden's use of aliases and pseudonyms in government emails being probed

According to the House Oversight Committee, the National Archives recently acknowledged that it possessed several thousand emails from then-VP Biden's tenure that used one of several different aliases and pseudonyms to discuss both personal matters and official government business.

Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has called upon the National Archives to turn over all of those emails using an alias or pseudonym, and should that actually occur, it will be interesting to see if, in addition to confirmation that Joe was aware of and involved in Hunter's dubious foreign business dealings, there are any other instances of them taking accusatory and disrespectful shots at Obama.

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