Embattled Dem. Rep. Swalwell now faces ethics complaint

 February 26, 2023

The Washington Examiner reports that U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is now facing an ethics complaint for a significant amount of spending that he did following his 2022 campaign. 

This is the same Democratic representative who is known for his anti-Trump messaging. Recently, Swalwell continued down this path by introducing a bill that would ban former President Donald Trump and his associates from the U.S. Capitol.

Rep. Swalwell is also the same representative who is known for his intimate relationship with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang.

As a result of this relationship, new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) decided to remove Swalwell from his spot on the House Intelligence Committee, stating, "Swalwell can’t get a security clearance in the private sector. I’m not going to give him a government security clearance."

The complaint

The Washington Examiner reports that Swalwell engaged in "lavish child care spending after his 2022 campaign ended."

The Examiner explains, "while candidates are allowed to dip into their campaign’s pockets to pay for child care in the thick of a race, they aren’t allowed to keep paying babysitters after Election Day."

The Examiner goes on to report that Swalwell spent about $17,000 on child care during the post-election period from Nov. 14, 2022, to the end of the year.

For this seeming violation of the campaign spending rules, Swalwell is now facing an ethics complaint from the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust.

Executive Director Kendra Arnold says, "It would be a violation if he used campaign funds to pay for child care after the election if they were not directly caused by campaign activity."

There's more

Fox News reports, "California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell spent more campaign cash on travel and luxury accommodations than Rep. Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] during the last two years."

Now, that's saying something.

Fox, which went through Federal Election Commission records and documented Swalwell's spending spree, reports:

Swalwell's campaign spent nearly $583,000 on travel expenses during the 2022 elections, the filings show. Pelosi, by contrast, finished the cycle by putting $434,000 into reported travel expenses, according to a review of her records.

Fox goes on to report that Swalwell spent campaign funds on everything from yachts to limousines to "posh hotels." And, Fox further indicates that Swalwell did so "internationally." Fox details the places that Swalwell went in its report.

Whether this spending was illegal is unclear. Swalwell, at the time of this writing, had yet to respond to any of this reporting.

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