Energized Trump hits the campaign trail on day off from 'kangaroo court'

 May 3, 2024

An energized Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail on Wednesday after weeks of being sidelined by his hush money trial.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Michigan, Trump dismissed his multiple indictments as "bulls**t" and predicted they would backfire on Democrats in November.

"Every one of these fake cases is bulls**t,," Trump said. "Every single one of them."

Trump returns to campaigning

Trump is required to be in court for the duration of his hush money trial, which just finished its third week. He gets a break every Wednesday.

Despite rumors that Trump has been nodding off in court, Trump seemed anything but tired as he ripped into the judge and his "kangaroo court" at Wednesday's rally.

"I have come here today from New York City where I'm being forced to sit for days on end in a kangaroo courtroom with a corrupt and conflicted judge enduring a Biden sideshow trial," Trump said.

Trump also stopped in Wisconsin, another key swing state, on Wednesday.

The campaign blitz came just a day after Judge Juan Merchan fined Trump $9,000 and threatened jail for defying a gag order.

"I'm not even supposed to talk to you because he gagged me," Trump said in Michigan.

Trump predicts exoneration

The hush money case is the first criminal prosecution to go ahead against Trump, with three other cases stalled. Trump has accused Biden of coordinating the different trials to secure his re-election.

Some speculate the hush money trial could create sympathy for Trump and his claim about being the target of a witch hunt. A new poll found a majority of Americans are not paying attention to the hush money trial, and less than half think he is a criminal.

“These indictments are not just an attack on me, they’re an assault on the constitutional rights of all Americans,” Trump said in Michigan.

Trump told supporters in Michigan that he will be vindicated by the people on Election Day, come what may in the courtroom.

"The ultimate verdict on this travesty will not come in a courtroom, it will come at the ballot box. And the American people are going to find crooked Joe Biden guilty of trying to destroy our country," he said.

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