Eric Holder reacts to 'dangerous' court ruling blocking Biden censorship

 July 7, 2023

Barack Obama's former body man, Eric Holder, warned of the "dangerous" consequences of letting the American people communicate freely after a Trump judge ordered the Biden administration to stop censoring citizens.

"Well this is pretty stupid. And potentially dangerous," Obama's former attorney general tweeted.

Obama's big loss

Judge Terry Doughty cited an extensive record of evidence showing that Biden officials colluded with superficially "private" actors, such as Twitter and Facebook, to circumvent the First Amendment's prohibition on government censorship.

The censorship touched on topics such as COVID and the 2020 election, and conservatives were targeted "almost exclusively," the judge said, calling the scheme "Orwellian." He blocked Biden officials from communicating further with Big Tech about taking down posts.

Holder called the decision "dangerous" and "stupid." He did not elaborate on what is "dangerous" about letting citizens share information without prior government approval.

Liberals screeching

Rather than explain himself, Holder shared a screechy article about the decision in the New York Times. 

The article deploys partisan buzzwords such as "misinformation," a nebulous concept that the left has used to justify cracking down on political dissent.

The article warns of a potential rise in "false and misleading narratives" without acknowledging the false narratives that were widely propagated by the media during the pandemic, such as the confident assertion that the lab leak theory was a baseless "conspiracy."

In fact, the newspaper namechecks Doughty for accepting the "debunked" claim that COVID vaccines do not prevent transmission of the virus - a claim that turned out to be true.

Biden doubles down

The wild-eyed communists at the White House have already appealed Doughty's ruling, saying it will cause "grave harm." 

While Obama has yet to pipe up, it seems doubtful the self-appointed "democracy" defender will be able to stay quiet for long.

The former president has made a pastime out of using his very large megaphone to shout at "conspiracy theorists" who don't agree with every aspect of his radical agenda, and he has made clear his desire for more aggressive censorship - citing the spread of "disinformation" of course.

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Thomas Jefferson
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