Eric Trump confidently predicts legal and electoral victories for former President Trump

 April 11, 2024

Most polls on the 2024 election show that former President Donald Trump maintains an edge over his successor, President Joe Biden, and stands a good chance of being re-elected to a second term in the White House in November.

The former president's middle son, Eric Trump, even went so far as to confidently "guarantee" an ultimate victory for his father once voters had a chance to choose between Trump and Biden, according to Fox News.

The supportive son also predicted that his legally embattled father would also eventually prevail in all of the several criminal and civil cases stacked against him.

Trump will "win the cases" and "win this presidency"

Wednesday morning, Eric Trump appeared on "Fox & Friends" to speak in support of his father's re-election campaign but first addressed the multiple gag orders that have been imposed on former President Trump by different federal and state-level courts and how they have constrained his free speech during a critical time in an election year.

"Think about it. They wanted to do that from day one. You know, Twitter banned him, Facebook banned him, Instagram banned him. Every judge puts a gag order on him," Trump said. "We do have a First Amendment in this country for a reason. But as it pertains to Donald Trump, for some reason, it doesn't exist as it pertains to everybody else."

"The First Amendment's unstoppable, but if it comes to Donald Trump, he no longer has a freedom of speech, according to these courts," he continued. "And he'll take this all the way to the Supreme Court. He'll take it as far as he needs and he's got an amazing voice. And he will come in here and he's going to win the cases and he's going win this presidency."

Trump is "going to be back in office, I guarantee it"

Later in the conversation, shifting his attention to the upcoming election, Eric Trump expressed his confidence in victory as he proclaimed, "I know we're going to win."

"I know we're going to win because I know where this country is. I can feel the sentiment of the country. And people are not buying what's happening right now," he continued.

"The mainstream media, they'll keep on peddling their nonsense. But Americans are upset. This country is going down the tube," Trump added. "And they miss the guy who did a great job for this nation, which was Donald Trump. And he's going to be back in office, I guarantee it."

Biden's weak job approval rating

As Eric Trump pointed out, the American people are rather upset with the direction the nation has been headed for the past few years under President Biden, as evidenced by the incumbent's consistently low job approval ratings.

According to the statisticians at FiveThirtyEight, as of April 10, Biden's average job approval number was 39%, with an average disapproval among Americans of 55.8% -- placing Biden's popularity with the people underwater by a margin of 16.8 points.

That low approval rating for Biden puts him behind all of his predecessors at the same point in their presidencies back to Dwight Eisenhower, while his high disapproval rating surpasses all of those same former presidents as well as Harry Truman.

Polls show Trump leading Biden

As for the bold prediction that former President Trump will ultimately defeat President Biden in a 2024 rematch of the 2020 election, that is generally supported by most of the polls, though the RealClearPolling average of national general election polls suggests that the vote will be a close one, with Trump leading Biden currently by just 0.2%.

That said, more granular polling that looks specifically at individual states, particularly the all-important swing states that frequently decide elections, seems to better support the idea that voters will return Trump to the White House next January while Biden will be sent home to Delaware, according to Fox News.

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