Eric Trump warns Biden could be hit with charges for White House cocaine if SCOTUS rules against immunity

 April 29, 2024

Eric Trump cautioned that prosecutors might prepare a case against President Biden in relation to the White House narcotics scandal that occurred last summer if the Supreme Court rejects presidential immunity in its current case.

The former first son additionally warned that if his father's pursuit of absolute immunity is denied, it could potentially pave the way for a deluge of legal proceedings against subsequent presidents, as the New York Post reported.

“They’ll probably go after Joe Biden for having cocaine in the White House. They’ll go after Biden for raiding his opponent’s home,” Eric Trump, 40, predicted on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“They will probably go after him … for literally, two weeks before the 2022 primaries, literally depleting the petroleum national — the reserves so he could lower gas prices,” he railed.

The Drug Bust

Agents from the Secret Service discovered a small packet containing less than one gram of cocaine in a vestibule adjacent to the Situation Room and one floor below the Oval Office in July of last year.

The Secret Service concluded its investigation after eleven days without identifying a suspect and asserting that surveillance footage did not reveal the perpetrator's identity.

In a landmark case heard by the Supreme Court last Thursday, former President Donald Trump, 77, argued that since presidents enjoy absolute immunity for their official actions, his four-count 2020 election indictment should be dismissed.

The conservative-led high court justices exhibited a profound skepticism toward the assertion of absolute presidential immunity, while concurrently expressing apprehension regarding the absence of immunity for presidents.

Trump's Case

Through the initiation of the presidential immunity challenge, the elder Trump successfully postponed the scheduled March 4 start of the 2020 election subversion trial.

Eric Trump, reiterating the sentiments of the former president's legal team, cautioned that enthusiastic prosecutors could have a field day in the absence of immunity protecting former commanders-in-chief.

“The only people who are going to benefit are big law firms in Washington, DC, because they are going to go after every single president. They will start with Obama, Fast and Furious, right, where he gives 2,000 weapons to cartel members,” Eric Trump mused.

“Where do you want to stop? Are they going to go after George Bush for lying about weapons of mass destruction,” he later added.

History Making Charges

Donald Trump is the first incumbent president of the United States to face criminal charges; he is charged with 88 offenses across four indictments. He pleaded not guilty to all charges and denied any misconduct.

“The floodgates are going to open, and I guarantee you, Joe Biden will not have one foot outside of the White House doors before they start going after him legally, ruthlessly,” Eric Trump added.

While the younger Trump remained ambiguous regarding potential targets for Biden, 81, his father has made a prior commitment to designate a special prosecutor to investigate the first family.

A similar pledge was also made by Donald Trump regarding Hillary Clinton; however, he did not follow through on doing so.

Conspicuous Silence

In contrast, President Biden has cautiously avoided any behavior or utterance that might be interpreted as his intervention in the legal challenges faced by his predecessor.

A ruling on the immunity issue is anticipated from the Supreme Court sometime in July. Should that be the case, specific facets of the dispute, including the differentiation between private and official actions, might be remanded to the subordinate courts for resolution.

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