Establishment media admits the JCPA legislation is dead in the water

 December 24, 2022

The $1.7 trillion omnibus bill was full of more pork than one can possibly imagine, but one particular item desired by the left and the establishment media, the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), was not included. 

Thankfully it wasn't included, because it would have been one expensive disaster.

According to Breitbart, a media trade journal called the Radio & Television Business Report reported this week that the JCPA idea is dead in the water, especially as Republicans are set to take the House majority in January.

"With the JCPA language not included in the omnibus bill, there will likely be no legislative action during this Congressional session," the journal wrote.

In its report on the death of the idea, the media trade journal cited an unnamed Washington D.C. insider who said the JCPA could have only been passed if it were part of the Democrats' omnibus spending bill.

Breitbart explained that the JCPA would have amounted to nothing less than a "corporate welfare bonanza" for Big Tech and the establishment media.

"The JCPA, had it passed, would have been a corporate welfare bonanza for the media industry. The bill would have established a government-approved gravy train of financial handouts and other favors from Big Tech to Big Media, deepening the insider relationship between the two powerful institutions," Breitbart noted.

Thankfully, enough conservatives banded together against attaching the JCPA to the omnibus bill and eventually helped to kill it dead before it had a chance. Some Republicans, however, were on board.

Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Mike Lee (R-UT), and Reps. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Steve Scalise (R-LA) were some of the leading high-profile Republicans to rally against the JCPA's inclusion in the year-end spending bill.

In a previous Breitbart report on the JCPA, it explained that such legislation would have made it nearly impossible for independent journalists and outlets to stay in business, as big media corporations could have continued to easily drown them out.

Breitbart explained: "The bill contains several provisions that would allow the biggest media conglomerates to sideline conservative and independent competitors, ensuring Big Tech continues to favor the largest corporate media outlets over conservative alternatives."

As if the little guys don't already have enough problems with being censored, buried and pushed aside.

Thankfully, this was a bullet dodged.

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