'Everybody Loves Raymond' star undergoes surgery following heart blockage

 April 19, 2023

Actor Ray Romano announced this week that he had to undergo surgery after being diagnosed with a blocked artery. 

According to the Daily Wire, Romano made the admission this week during an appearance on the podcast "WTF With Marc Maron."

Romano's artery was 90% blocked

"I just had to have a stent put in," he 65-year-old actor told host Marc Maron on Monday.  "I had 90% blockage [in the main artery]."

"I got kinda lucky that we found it. So, of course, then I’m on the meds, and my cholesterol dropped right away. If I could go back 20 years ago, I would’ve went on the meds, ya know?" Romano explained.

"I had high cholesterol 20 years ago, and my guy always told me, 'Why don’t we start going on the statins?'" the actor recalled.

Actor says that he struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle

"And every time, I said, 'Let me do it myself,'" Romano noted, add that he repeatedly resolved to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

"But then I’d go home, and I would eat right. Not vegan, but a little healthier, and get it down a couple ticks," he recounted.

"But then I’d go home and think I was hot s--t, I got it down already, and I’d start cheating, and cheating, and that was the cycle," Romano said.

The celebrity went on to joke that he struggles with the idea of being a senior citizen, remarking, "I know in my head I don’t feel that old. In my body, I’m getting a couple of notices that I am that old."

Romano experienced chest pains while directing film

This is not the first time that Romano has publicly discussed his health struggles, as he told "Entertainment Tonight" that he began to suffer from chest pains while directing the film "Somewhere in Queens."

"I called my agent at one in the morning because I couldn’t sleep, I go, ‘I can’t do it, can’t do this,'" he said, adding that the experience prompted him to seek medical treatment.

"Because — I’m not joking — I had to go to my cardiologist in New York and get on the treadmill and do a stress test because I was getting chest pains," Romano stated.

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