Abundant evidence uncovered of Biden's involvement and knowledge of Hunter's influence-peddling and 'Brand'-selling

 September 17, 2023

Following the opening of a formal impeachment inquiry this week by House Republicans into President Joe Biden, the White House and their allies in the Democratic Party and the media were quick to dismiss the probe as being baseless.

Yet, there appears to be ample evidence that Hunter Biden was illegally and unethically selling access to his father, then-Vice President Biden, to myriad foreign business associates in exchange for tens of millions of dollars funneled through a complex network of LLCs and shell companies, according to the House Oversight Committee's months-long investigation.

Further, there is also ample evidence that Joe Biden himself was not only well aware of but also was at least passively and tacitly involved in and benefited from his son's dubious foreign business dealings -- something that the current president has repeatedly lied about to the American public for years.

Ample evidence of alleged wrongdoing

When House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced that he had authorized the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry, the White House immediately pushed back and sent out "marching orders" to Democratic and media allies, who in turn dutifully asserted that there was "no evidence" whatsoever to support the heightened congressional probe.

Except, as laid out by the Oversight Committee, there are at least nearly two dozen examples of evidence that has been uncovered thus far of alleged unethical behavior and potentially criminal wrongdoing by certain Biden family members, particularly involving Hunter Biden.

That includes clear evidence of influence-peddling and selling "The Brand" -- which has been established as the Biden name and access to the politician himself and all of the trappings of his adjacency to governmental power -- among Hunter's many foreign business associates.

Those business associates hailed from foreign nations like communist China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Russia, and, of course, Ukraine, among others, and there is evidence to support claims that the Biden family incrementally received more than $20 million funneled through multiple accounts in exchange for official policy changes and decisions or unofficial pressure applied or favors provided behind the scenes.

Biden repeatedly lied to the public about his knowledge and involvement

On top of all of that is an abundance of evidence compiled by the Oversight Committee of President Biden being knowledgeable of and involved in the foreign business dealings of his son.

That includes emails, phone calls during business meetings, being present for dinners or coffee with business associates, and traveling together with Hunter numerous times on Air Force Two during his vice presidency to nations where his son was engaged in various business deals.

In that regard, the Committee highlighted more than a dozen examples of instances over the past few years where then-candidate/now-President Biden blatantly and directly lied in response to questions about his alleged knowledge of and involvement in his son's foreign business dealings.

Indeed, as more and more evidence to the contrary emerges, the president's dishonest dismissals of legitimate and pertinent queries into his personal connections to his son's dubious activities are shown to be all the more deliberately egregious.

Impeachment inquiry is justified and necessary

To be sure, it is highly likely that the Biden White House and their Democratic and media allies will continue to ignore or reject the growing mountain of evidence that links the president to his son's lucrative influence-peddling and "Brand"-selling schemes with foreign associates.

It also seems just as unlikely that Biden would ever be convicted and removed from office by the Democrat-controlled but near-equally split Senate.

That said, the impeachment inquiry that has now been launched is entirely justified and necessary to fully expose to the American public the evidence of years of alleged criminal and unethical wrongdoing by Biden and his family.

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