Ex-GOP Rep. Kinzinger celebrates 400k Russians dying during Ukraine war

 February 26, 2024

On Saturday, Adam Kinzinger, a former congressman and current CNN senior political commentator, sparked controversy with a social media post celebrating the reported deaths of 400,000 Russians in Ukraine's ongoing war.

In a message shared on X, Kinzinger posed a rhetorical question comparing the death tolls on February 24, 2022, and February 24, 2024, insinuating a reduction of 400,000 Russians and concluded with the phrase "Slava Ukrainii," meaning "glory to Ukraine."

The remarks

Kinzinger's remarks swiftly garnered strong criticism from users on X, with commentator Melissa Tate drawing parallels between his sentiments and the atrocities of Hitler's regime.

She denounced his post as reflective of "pure hatred for a people group," equating it to evil.

Actor Matthew Marsden similarly condemned Kinzinger, branding him as "despicable" for celebrating the deaths of individuals who may have been involuntarily involved in the conflict.

The tensions

The reported casualty figures from the war remain contested, with former US special representative for Ukraine negotiations, Kurt Volker, emphasizing the challenge of obtaining accurate numbers amid the ongoing conflict.

Despite conflicting reports, Kinzinger's comments underscore the divisive nature of the conflict and its profound impact on global perceptions.

The war in Ukraine, which erupted on February 24, 2022, following Russia's invasion, has been a focal point of international attention and condemnation.

What's next in the conflict?

The conflict has prompted significant military support from the United States and NATO countries to bolster Ukraine's defense efforts against Russian aggression.

Russia's incursion into Ukraine has led to widespread suffering and loss of life, with civilians bearing the brunt of the violence. The conflict has also triggered a humanitarian crisis, displacing thousands of people and causing immense devastation to infrastructure and communities.

The international community has condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine and called for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict have thus far been largely unsuccessful, with tensions escalating and prospects for peace remaining uncertain.

Against this backdrop, Kinzinger's remarks have ignited further controversy, highlighting the deep-seated animosity and polarization surrounding the conflict. His celebration of reported casualties has drawn sharp rebuke, underscoring the ethical complexities and moral dilemmas inherent in discussions of war and conflict.

As the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, the controversy over those killed in the conflict remains a point of concern, with Kinzinger's latest remarks standing out as being among the harshest responses.

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