Ex-partner of man who attacked Paul Pelosi goes public

 May 18, 2024

An individual who claims to have had an affair with David DePape has gone public. 

The individual, nudist Gypsy Taub, did so in a piece that has been published by the Daily Mail. It is called, My affair with Paul Pelosi's attacker: Famous nudist Gypsy Taub says Daivd DePape was obsessed with conspiracy theories. 

DePape, for those who may have forgotten, is the man who attacked Paul Pelosi, the wife of U.S. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), with a hammer.

DePape has just been sentenced to significant prison time. There will be more on this in a moment.

It was a long-term relationship

Taub claims that she was in a relationship with DePape for 14 years, although, more recently, they had been separated for some time. The two have three kids together.

Taub revealed to the Daily Mail some of what she knows about DePape.

"I met David when he was 21, but whatever problems he had came from his childhood abuse. He was prostituted, abused, tortured - and he has admitted that this sexual abuse tortured him," she said.

Taub claimed that DePape was never violent with her or their kids. She said, "He had very deep depression all the time and was terrified of people." She added, "He was paranoid and thought he was Jesus. He wrote about these things on his blog. He needs help, not prison."

Members of DePape's family, including his twin sister, have said similar things. They even asked the judge to go easy on him.

Sentenced to 30 years

As you can see, the judge did anything but go easy on DePape. Breitbart News reports that the judge has sentenced him to 30 years of imprisonment.

This came after Nancy Pelosi had called upon the judge to give DePape a "very long" prison sentence. One has to wonder whether DePape would have been given 30 years if he had attacked some random person, rather than the husband of the former speaker of the House.

For what it is worth, it does not appear as though the judge gave DePape the maximum sentence. The prosecution was asking for as many as 40 years of imprisonment for DePape. DePape's attorneys, on the other hand, begged the judge to only give him 14 years, given the circumstances.

Thirty is closer to 40 than it is to 15, so the judge, more or less, sided with the prosecution.

In a statement following the sentencing, the Pelosi family said:

The Pelosi family couldn’t be prouder of their Pop and his tremendous courage in saving his own life on the night of the attack and in testifying in this case. Speaker Pelosi and her family are immensely grateful to all who have sent love and prayers over the last eighteen months, as Mr. Pelosi continues his recovery.

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