Child psychology experts assess possible psychological harm to grandchild rejected by Biden family

 July 8, 2023

President Joe Biden and his family have made it abundantly clear that they won't even acknowledge the existence of, let alone have anything to do with, Hunter Biden's estranged four-year-old daughter in Arkansas, who Hunter pays child support for following a 2019 court-ordered DNA test that proved his paternity.

The complete and utter rejection of the little girl that is the president's seventh grandchild could ultimately inflict "severe psychological harm" on that child as she grows older, Fox News reported.

That assessment comes from experts in the field of child psychology who were asked by the outlet to share their informed analysis of "the psychological and emotional impact of a child being rejected by a family."

"Poor self-worth," difficulties in "forming attachments," building trust

Dr. Staci Weiner, a clinical psychologist, told Fox News, "If a birth parent or family member does not respond to, or denies, their child's existence, this can trigger feelings of abandonment and grief."

"Children, in their natural and developmentally age-appropriate narcissism, believe what happens in the world is about them," she explained. "For example, 'Why would my family reject me or not allow me to take the name unless I was bad?'"

The outlet noted that in addition to the Biden family wanting nothing to do with the little girl in Arkansas, Hunter Biden fought hard against and succeeded in a recently settled child support dispute in blocking the mother's attempt to legally change the daughter's last name to "Biden."

"The child may feel shame and insecurity due to the rejection, thinking it was their fault in some way," the doctor added. "This can result in poor self-worth, leading to difficulties in forming attachments, specifically, when deciding when to trust others in relationships."

"Damage to self-esteem and fears of rejection and abandonment"

A similar analysis came from Dr. Roy Lubit, who previously supervised child psychiatry at NYU's School of Medicine's psychiatry department, and told Fox News that the "impact on a child of a father (and his family) not wanting contact with a child and not wanting to recognize the connection to a child depends upon how the mother handles it."

On the one hand, the doctor said, "If the mother says that the child's father did not know the child existed until recently and the mother and father agreed it was in the best interests of the child for the child to have one home, and when the child is an adult he can approach the father if the child wishes, it is not likely to cause any significant harm, or even any harm."

However, he added, "If the mother tells a young child and makes it widely known publicly that the child is the biological child of a member of a prominent family and they are rejecting to the child, the child is at risk for dysphoric emotions and suffering damage to self-esteem and fears of rejection and abandonment in the future."

Unmistakeable rejection of seventh grandchild in Arkansas

Following the recent settlement of the child support dispute, The New York Times published a damning article that highlighted the Biden family's rejection of the little girl in Arkansas, with one particular passage even revealing how in White House strategy sessions in the past few years, "aides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren, according to two people familiar with the discussions."

The Times further noted that "The White House did not respond to questions about the case, in keeping with how officials have answered questions about the Biden family before," which was glaringly evident during Wednesday's press briefing when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by a reporter about that specific article and whether the president would acknowledge the existence of his seventh grandchild, to which she replied, "I don’t have anything to share from here."

There are plenty of other egregious examples of the Biden family rejecting the little girl, particularly first lady Jill Biden, who in 2020 dedicated a children's book she co-wrote to all of her grandchildren by name except the girl in Arkansas, and who in both 2021 and 2022 hung Christmas stockings in the White House for all of the grandchildren, and even the pets, with the distinct exclusion of Hunter's youngest daughter.

As for Dr. Lubit's assessment that the potential psychological harm for the girl was dependent upon how her mother handled things, the mother told the Times of the settlement agreement that "We both want what is best for our daughter," and said separately of the girl's estranged father and grandfather, "She’s very proud of who her grandfather is and who her dad is. That is something that I would never allow her to think otherwise."

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