Experts warn the left's green agenda may pose national security threat

March 18, 2023

According to a panel of experts, the political left's green agenda could end up jeopardizing the U.S.'s national security. 

The experts, according to Breitbart News, provided the warning to members of Congress at an in-district hearing that was held in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Thursday.

The hearing was titled, "An Examination Into Offshore Wind Industrialization." It can be watched in its entirety here.

The panel included experts on the environment and the fishing industry. It also included individuals who have worked at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The national security threat

The general consensus of the experts on the panel seemed to be that this "offshore wind industrialization" could be problematic for the national security of the United States.

"How?" you may ask.

The experts pointed to different possibilities. One possibility that was brought up, for example, is that some of the maritime areas that have been designated for wind farms could interfere with operations conducted by the Pentagon and NASA.

Another possibility that the experts pointed to is that the wind farms could interfere with the U.S. Coast Guard by undermining the radar systems that are used by ships. This, the experts said, could make it more difficult to carry out rescue missions.

Along those same lines, experts raised the possibility that wind farms could interfere with the ability of cargo ships to navigate the ocean. This, the experts noted, could be especially problematic, particularly if a big ship carrying a commodity such as oil were to get lost at sea.

"Shoddy at best"

Among those lawmakers in attendance at the hearing was U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ). And, Smith has been pushing for, at the very least, a study to be conducted of the impact that these wind farms might have.

Smith has introduced a piece of legislation that would "require the comptroller general to conduct a study to assess certain environmental review processes with regard to offshore wind projects, and for other purposes."

Smith, during the hearing, referred to the wind farm project approval process as "shoddy at best." He supported this statement with evidence, including one study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which found that "vessel navigation including U.S. Navy ships, merchant ships, and search and rescue operations … their radars will be compromised."

There's more

In addition to these national security concerns, there are also concerns that wind farm projects could have a significant negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Some are pointing to a recent increase in whale deaths as early evidence of this.

It is looking as though this green energy project appears to have some serious drawbacks, to say the least.

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