Fani WIllis asks for Trump co-defendant to be jailed for violating bond agreement

 November 16, 2023

Fulton County, Georgia prosecutors asked a judge on Wednesday to jail one of former President Donald Trump's co-defendants in an election-related case, arguing that he violated numerous conditions of his bond agreement including attempts to intimidate witnesses in the case.

“The Defendant’s actions demonstrate that he poses a significant threat of intimidating witnesses and otherwise obstructing the administration of justice in the future, making him ineligible for bond,” the prosecutors wrote in a filing.

Harrison Floyd made comments on a conservative podcast and on social media sites in which he also tagged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, whom Trump allegedly asked to find enough votes to declare him the winner.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee will hear the case and decide whether to put Floyd back in jail or add additional jail time to his sentence for the violations.

"Telegraph a message"

Floyd, who headed up Blacks for Trump, already pleaded guilty to three felonies for his part in trying to intimidate two Georgia election workers in the leadup to vote certification.

Floyd also allegedly assaulted an FBI agent who was trying to deliver a subpoena to his home, and faces an assault charge in Maryland for that incident.

His lawyer accused Willis of trying to revoke his bail to "telegraph a message" because she was attending multiple fundraisers.

"I think part of the reason why she's doing it is guess what? She has two fundraisers tonight in Washington, D.C.," Christopher I. Kachouroff told the Washington Examiner.

Blaming Floyd

Prosecutors originally also blamed Floyd for a leak of discovery materials in the case involving three other co-defendants who have pleaded guilty to some of their charges and are expected to testify against Trump.

Floyd's lawyers in a written statement said that he had been responsible for the leak, but later backed off and said it was a "typing error." Maybe they meant to add "not"?

Another lawyer on the case, Jonathan Miller III, has now admitted to leaking the information.

Miller is defending Coffee County elections supervisor Misty Hampton, who was present when Trump's team copied sensitive files from voting machines.

The culprit

Miller claimed he didn't do anything wrong in sharing the material because it was not under a protective order when he did so.

“In being transparent with the court, and to make sure that nobody else gets blamed for what happened, and so that I can go to sleep well tonight: Judge, I did release those videos to one outlet,” Miller told the court, adding that he wanted to inject "transparency" into a case that he felt was showing his client in a bad light.

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