Fani Willis continues to push 'race card' as reason for attacks against her in Trump case

 March 30, 2024

Fulton County, Georgia's District Attorney, Fani Willis, delivered a speech on Friday that appeared to defy a recent judicial admonishment against invoking racial themes, expressing her resolve to address race regardless.

Speaking at the South Fulton Women of the Shield Awards, Willis articulated the challenges of continually proving oneself, seemingly in defiance of counsel advising against discussing race.

Her remarks

Doubling down on her stance, she declared, "Well, I'm going to talk about it anyway."

Willis' remarks seemed a response to Judge Scott McAfee's recent ruling, where he deemed her racially charged rhetoric "legally improper" but permitted her involvement in the 2020 election interference case against former President Donald Trump under the condition of replacing special counsel Nathan Wade.

Allegations of an improper affair between Willis and Wade had emerged in the aftermath of the accusations.

The order

In his order, Judge McAfee also scrutinized Willis' January speech at an Atlanta church, where she implied racial scrutiny in her and Wade's professional dealings.

While Willis later clarified that her remarks weren't directed at the defendants, McAfee highlighted the potential ambiguity, warning against public comments by a prosecuting attorney that could compromise a case.

McAfee's concern centered on Willis' mention of "so many others" in her church address, which left unclear whom she accused of racial motivations, posing a risk to the case's integrity.

Trump's response

Trump and his co-defendants plan to appeal the decision to allow Willis to remain on the case.

“While the trial court factually found DA Willis’s out-of-court statements were improper and Defendants proved an apparent conflict of interest, the trial court erred as a matter of law by not requiring dismissal and DA Willis’ disqualification,” the appeal application read. “This legal error requires the Court’s immediate review.”

In his ruling allowing the appeal, McAfee expressed concern over the case in light of revelations regarding the couple's behavior. While McAfee criticized Willis for "making bad choices," including references to a tremendous lapse in judgment and deeming her recent witness testimony as unprofessional, he refrained from mandating her removal from the case.

Last month, the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena as part of its investigation into whether Willis misappropriated federal funds by appointing Wade to oversee the prosecution of Trump. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, on March 14, warned of potential contempt of Congress proceedings against Willis if her office fails to fully comply with the subpoena.

Despite legal and public scrutiny, Willis remained steadfast in her commitment to discussing race, signaling her determination to address systemic issues within the criminal justice system.

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