Fani Willis defends hiring Nathan Wade by playing race card

 January 17, 2024

Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis made her first statement about hiring Nathan Wade to lead the prosecution against Former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants, defending her decision by playing the race card.

Sunday at the Big Bethel A.M.E. Church in Atlanta, Willis made a 35-minute speech about Wade.

She called him a "great friend" with "impeccable" credentials and pointed out that she also hired a white man and woman who were not getting the same scrutiny or criticism Wade was.

Willis called each hire a “superstar,” then asked, "Isn't it them playing the race card when they only question one?”

Not a denial

"The Black man I chose has been a judge more than 10 years, run a private practice more than 20, represented businesses in civil litigation − I ain’t done y’all,” Willis said. “Served as a prosecutor, a criminal defense lawyer, special assistant attorney general.”

Willis did not directly address the cause of the criticism of Wade's hiring, which was an accusation by one of Trump's co-defendants that she had an improper romantic relationship with Wade and that he used his $650,000 salary to take her on luxury vacations.

She didn't deny the affair, either.

The closest she got was to say she was an “imperfect” and even “flawed” human being who makes mistakes. She did not explain exactly what that meant, though.

Kind of sickening

It's kind of sickening that she would choose to give this speech at a church with a pastor standing up there with her and organ music in the background, if the allegations are true.

In essence, she was saying that whatever she did was sanctioned by the church and couldn't have been wrong.

She also made it a point to let everyone know that she had gotten threats and been called racial slurs.

I guess she's the victim here, or at least she wants everyone to think so even though she is accused of using her office to enrich her boyfriend and herself and of giving him special treatment.

Willis was called to testify in Wade's ongoing divorce trial, so there must be some kind of relationship there.

The judge in the case, Scott McAfee, has given Willis until next month to respond to the allegations, so we should get  more of a straight answer about the relationship by then.

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