Fani Willis ex-staffer says she was fired after blowing whistle on Willis

 May 23, 2024

It turns out that Donald Trump's trial wasn't the only place Fulton County District Attorney has been breaking the rules lately.

Amanda Timpson, who served as Willis' director of juvenile diversion programs until she was demoted and eventually fired, has opened up about why she believes she was fired: she became a whistleblower and complained about Willis' office knowingly misusing federal grant funds, which is illegal.

The revelation from Timpson came during a fourth Georgia state Senate investigation into alleged misconduct by Fani Willis and her office.

Problems for Willis

When Fani Willis realized that she was going to be part of the liberal train that was trying to run over Donald Trump, she was probably ecstatic. Imagine how much the liberals running America's federal government would owe her if she led the team that took down our 45th president.

Instead, it turned out to be one of the worst things that could ever happen to her.

Willis' actions in her case against Donald Trump were so unethical and noteworthy that it's actually inspired investigations into ALL aspects of her professional life. The more that is uncovered, it becomes more and more clear that Fani Willis is nothing but a corrupt liberal like so many other people in America's government have become.

Problems for Amanda Timpson

Fani Willis' actions were not a victimless crime.

All of America should be offended by the fact that Willis wasted America's time and money by trying to appoint her married lover, Nathan Wade, as the man who would lead the prosecution against Donald Trump before being removed. Amanda Timpson suffered even more than the general public though, as she was punished professionally when she spoke up about Willis breaking the law.

Timpson testified during the Georgia state Senate investigation into Willis that she was subject to "overwhelming retaliation" and "pushback" after telling her supervisor that she knew that Fani Willis' office was intentionally misusing federal grant funds.

The funds were particular important to Timpson, because she had put a lot of effort into securing them.

According to Fox News:

Timpson helped to write and apply for a competitive federal grant focused on programming to help at-risk youth and grant prevention. She testified that when Willis took office in 2021, her new supervisor, Michael Cuffee, told her that he planned to use the funds to purchase "computers, travel and swag" as part of the office's "rebranding" upon Willis' administration.

The end for Willis

America has certainly lost faith in Fani Willis, and it's probably going to be reflected in her office's upcoming prosecution of Donald Trump.

Trump's claims that this is all nothing but a witch hunt have certainly been verified now.

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