Fani Willis facing disbarment as Marjorie Taylor Greene leads the charge

 March 22, 2024

Despite issuing a scathing rebuke last week, Judge Scott McAfee told Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis that she could remain on former President Donald Trump's case provided that her lover Nathan Wade resigned.

Yet that isn't the end of Willis' problems, as Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is seeking her disbarment.  

Greene files complaint with State Bar of Georgia

According to Newsweek, Greene announced on Wednesday that she had filed a complaint with the State Bar of Georgia against Willis, pointing to "her corrupt actions."

"Fani should've been removed from her political persecution of President Trump after it was revealed she went on lavish vacations with her lover Nathan Wade," Greene declared.

The Republican House member went on to point out how Wade was "paid hundreds of thousands of dollars" before adding that Willis is "unfit to serve."

Congresswoman points to evidence of perjury

Newsweek noted that in her complaint, Greene also took McAfee to task for not disqualifying Willis despite evidence that she lied under oath.

This includes a court filing by Trump's legal team which cited data from Wade's cell phone suggesting he was a frequent late-night visitor to Willis' home despite her claim that they were not romantically involved at the time.

However, disbarment may not be Willis' only concern, as one legal expert maintains that Willis could be vulnerable to a defamation suit from Trump.

In an interview with Newsweek, New York-based attorney pointed to remarks that McAfee made in his decision to allow Willis to remain on the case.

"Judge McAfee held that 'an odor of mendacity remains,' which essentially impeaches the credibility of Willis and Wade," Kerwick told Newsweek.

Trump lawsuit would need to overcome immunity issues

"Judge McAfee also held that Fani Willis casting 'racial aspersions at an indicted defendant's decision to file this pre-trial motion' was 'wading further into dangerous waters,'" she continued.

Kerwick acknowledged that to succeed, Trump would have to overcome the quasi-immunity that Willis enjoys as district attorney.

"The determining factor appears to be whether the act or omission is intimately associated with the judicial phase of the criminal process," she explained.

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