Fani Willis' father provides testimony in second day of disqualification hearing

 February 18, 2024

The second day of a disqualification hearing involving Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis was marked by testimony from the prosecutor's own father, who touched on a range of topics, including the wisdom of keeping cash stockpiles in the home and when he first learned of his daughter's controversial relationship with Nathan Wade which could destroy her ability to continue in the role, as Fox News reports.

Friday also included testimony from a former law partner of Wade's, whose changing accounts of what led to his departure from their joint legal practice have raised further questions about how the presiding judge may ultimately rule on a request for Willis' disqualification from the Trump election interference case.

Willis' dad takes stand

Though Fani Willis did not return to the stand on Friday after having provided gripping -- and often combative -- testimony the previous day, her father, John Clifford Floyd III did sit in the witness box for questioning.

He was asked to provide insights as to precisely when his daughter's relationship with Wade commenced, a fact which remains elusive, given seemingly contradictory statements from the now-former lovers.

Floyd stated that he only recently became aware of the relationship, despite accounts from others that it began in 2019 and 2022, respectively, as The Hill noted.

Willis' father stated that he met Wade for the very first time just last year and had never encountered him at the home he shared with his daughter for a period of time.

Furthermore, Floyd testified that in 2019, his daughter had been romantically involved with a local disc jockey, a suggestion that seems to counter claims from a former friend of Willis' who said that the relationship with Wade began that same year.

Cash is king

Floyd also offered details about his daughter's alleged habit of keeping substantial amounts of cash on hand at her home, money she said she used to reimburse Wade for travel expenses incurred during trips they took together during the course of their romance.

Willis is under fire due to allegations that she received direct financial benefits from her decision to appoint Wade to serve as a special prosecutor in the Trump case, something they both deny.

Floyd explained that he historically instructed Willis to keep six months' worth of expenses in cash wherever she was living in order to be prepared for any contingencies, describing the practice as “a Black thing.”

However, those remarks were the subject of objections from an attorney representing one of Trump's co-defendants, as it appeared to her that Floyd had not been appropriately sequestered during his daughter's prior testimony and was therefore aware that she had said similar things about keeping cash on hand.

Bradley backtracks

Another bombshell development from the two days of testimony involved Terrence Bradley, Wade's former law partner, who originally declined to answer questions about the timeline of the Wade and Willis romance, citing attorney-client privilege stemming from his involvement in Wade's divorce case.

However, under questioning by the state, Bradley acknowledged that the reason he departed the law practice with Wade was that he had been accused of sexual assault by a firm employee, not because he had undertaken representation of Wade in the divorce matter.

As a result, presiding Judge Scott McAfee indicated that he had serious reservations about Bradley's prior assertion of privilege, saying that he is now “left wondering if Mr. Bradley has been properly interpreting privilege this entire time,” an indication that truthful and candid testimony from Wade's former law partner could indeed provide more than enough evidence to prompt Willis' disqualification from the Trump case.

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