Fani Willis way ahead in Georgia primary two weeks away

 May 8, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D), who was involved in an affair with her top prosecutor along with accusations about misuse of public funds, appears to be way ahead of her primary challenger Christian Wise Smith with two weeks to go until Election Day. 

Despite Republicans in the state Senate investigating Willis for possible misconduct and having called for her to be disqualified from prosecuting former President Donald Trump because of the affair with Nathan Wade and both of them lying about it, a poll conducted by Georgia-based political consultant Fred Hicks of 1,000 likely Democrat voters showed that Willis had 79% support in the primary, while Wise Smith only had 9%.

Willis remains at the helm of the Trump prosecution, while Wade was required to step down. An appeal of the Judge's decision to keep her on the case has been filed.

Wise Smith is campaigning on the DA's office being out of control and needing new leadership, but his message may be overshadowed by the attention Willis has gotten with her prosecution of Trump.

Incumbency advantage

Incumbents generally have an advantage in most elections, which may be why Wise Smith is having trouble gaining traction even with all Willis's problems.

Willis also has a large fundraising advantage over Wise Smith. She had raised over $300,000 as of early February, spent $123,000, and has $209,000 cash on hand.

Wise Smith raised over $77,000 and spent close to $20,000. According to a filing in April, he had a total of almost $58,000 on hand.

"This campaign is about righting the wrongs of the past in the justice system so that citizens from Alpharetta to Atlanta can feel safe knowing they have a District Attorney dedicated to serving Fulton County's residents," Wise Smith's senior adviser Richard McDaniel said of his campaign.


Willis continues to insist that she did nothing illegal in her involvement with Wade.

She called Georgia Senate Republicans' investigation of her "unlawful" and misinformed.

"I don't even think they have the authority to subpoena me, but they need to learn the law," she said, adding, "I will not appear to anything that is unlawful, and I have not broken the law in any way."

While both houses of the state legislature are controlled by Republicans, Fulton County is strongly Democratic.

The County voted 73% for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

This means that in all likelihood, Willis will be District Attorney for the next four years even though she looks to be one of the most unethical prosecutors in the country.

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