Fani Willis will not testify again over romantic relationship with Nathan Wade

 February 17, 2024

Fulton County prosecutors opted not to summon District Attorney Fani Willis for further interrogation on Friday, following her vigorous defense against accusations leveled by defense attorneys seeking to disqualify her and her office from prosecuting the Georgia election interference case involving former President Donald Trump.

Legal representatives for Trump and several co-defendants convened for a second day of testimony during an evidentiary hearing.

Other witnesses instead

Witnesses such as John Clifford Floyd III, Willis' father and Terrence Bradley, Wade's former law partner and divorce attorney, fielded questions about the relationship between Wade and Willis.

The hearing, spanning less than seven hours, originated from defense attorneys' claims of an inappropriate relationship between Willis and Wade.

Allegations suggested Willis benefited financially from this relationship, particularly concerning Wade's appointment to work on the case against Trump on racketeering charges.

Her previous testimony

Willis had previously testified for approximately two hours on Thursday, vehemently refuting the accusations and accusing defense counsel of falsehoods.

A lawyer representing Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign official, initially raised concerns about Willis and Wade's relationship.

The attorney sought to disqualify prosecutors from the case and dismiss the indictment. Trump and his associates stand accused of orchestrating a scheme to overturn Georgia's 2020 presidential election results, maintaining their innocence.

Next steps uncertain

The outcome of Roman's efforts to remove Willis and her office from the case remains uncertain, with further proceedings anticipated.

During Thursday's testimony, both Wade and Willis provided insights into the origins of their relationship, shared trips, and financial matters.

They acknowledged in court filings this month that their romantic involvement began in early 2022, after Willis appointed Wade as special prosecutor. Despite confirming the relationship, Willis rejected claims of financial gain.

Willis rebuked insinuations made by Ashleigh Merchant, representing Roman, about the commencement of her relationship with Wade as "highly offensive." She emphasized her commitment to democracy and disapproved of attempts to pry into her personal affairs.

While prosecutors planned to summon at least three witnesses on Friday, including Willis' father, the proceedings commenced with testimony from former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes, who declined Willis' offer to serve as special prosecutor. The changes add to drama over Willis and her relationship with Wade as they relate to bias in her case against Trump and his co-defendants in Georgia.

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