Fans Of Sopranos Weeping After Beloved Actor Dies

 January 1, 2024

Fans of "The Sopranos" aren't having fun ringing in the New Year.

That's because one of their favorites passed away at the end of 2023.

Rest in peace.

Perhaps the reason that "The Sopranos" was so widely successful was because it portrayed the life of a crime family in a real and personal way that mob media never really had done before.

Sure, the flicks with Pacino, De Niro, and Pesci had always been entertaining, wonderous cinema, but you never really confused these characters with people who you might meet in your own neighborhood.

"The Sopranos" changed that.

It wasn't just a show about criminals, it was a show about people, family, loyalty, and even religion. It just so happened that the people were criminals.

The thing that many people felt like set The Sopranos apart from other shows was the humanization of the main character, Tony Soprano.

By visiting a psychiatrist, Jennifer Melfi, Tony was giving the viewers of the show a glimpse into his head and heart in a way that Tony's underlings never would have been allowed to see.

Tony wasn't just a boss on the show, he became a real PERSON to viewers.

Melfi was the main reason people were able to connect with Tony.

Despite Jennifer Melfi appearing mostly in scenes with Tony Soprano, her own family snuck into a few episodes as well.

One of those family members was Richard LaPenna, Jennifer Melfi's ex-husband.

Fans of the show will be horrified to learn that actor Richard Romanus, who played Richard LaPenna on the show, has passed away.

Goodbye, old friend.

While his time on the Sopranos was definitely his most famous role, Richard Romanus appeared in other productions as well, including playing Michael, a loan shark in the 1973 drama "Mean Streets."

"Richard LaPenna actor Richard Romanus, has sadly died aged 80. Playing the ex husband of Dr Jennifer Melfi, he was an integral part of arguably the most powerful storyline of the entire show. RIP. Our thoughts go out to his loved ones and we thank him for the memories," The Sopranos CLub account tweeted on X.

Rest in peace, Richard.

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