Far left-left Democrat Jamal Bowman trolled by pro-Israel parody X account

 April 28, 2024

New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman is known for his membership in "the Squad," a group of far-left House members who are openly hostile to Israel.

According to the New York Post, that fact recently recently resulted in his campaign being tricked by a pro-Israel parody account on X. 

Parody account purports to represent non-existent "chief rabbi of Gaza"

The account in question is called "Rabbi Linda Goldstein" and "is infamous for spouting anti-Zionist vitriol to ensnare unsuspecting progressives unaware that it is satirical."

It purports to represent the chief rabbi of Gaza, despite the fact that all of Gaza's Jewish residents left the territory nearly two decades ago.

The Rabbi Linda Goldstein account messaged Bowman's on April 11 offering to help organize a fundraiser for his campaign.

"I really hope you win, I would love to host a fundraiser with you," a private message sent to the congressman's account read.

The "anti-Zionist community can't wait to help" with campaign

Someone from Bowman's campaign responded roughly half an hour later, stating, "Thank you, how do we get in touch with you?"

Another message from the Goldstein account said that the "anti-Zionist community can't wait to help." This was met with a response of, "Hi Rabbi, this is Bowman’s staff, we’ll have a member of our finance team follow up with you."

The Post noted that the account has put up a variety of parody posts, including one featuring an image of a Hamas missile which was labeled as a "menorah of justice."

This isn't the first time Bowman has made headlines recently, as the Post reported earlier this month that a poll showed Bowman trailing his Democratic primary opponent by 17 points.

Bowman's favorability rating law among Democratic voters

Carried out by Democratic pollster Mark Mellman, the survey found that only 35% of Democrats in New York's 16th Congressional District support the incumbent.

Meanwhile, Westchester County Executive George Latimer is favored by 52% of Democratic voters in the district. What's more, his advantage stands at 21 points among Democrats who turned out in three of the past four primary races.

When it comes to favorability ratings, Latimer is regarded positively by 68% of Democrats in the district whereas only 36% have a favorable view of Bowman.

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