Fareed Zakaria Highlights Liberal Hypocrisy in Debate Over NBC's Dismissal of Ronna McDaniel

 April 2, 2024

CNN host Fareed Zakaria recently criticized the prevalent double standards in the liberal media during a discussion on HBO's "Real Time."

The conversation, sparked by the controversial termination of Ronna McDaniel from NBC, delved into the inconsistencies observed in the treatment of conservatives versus liberals, particularly focusing on issues such as dishonesty and election denial.

In a segment that stirred debate, Zakaria contrasted the firing of Ronna McDaniel from NBC with past instances of liberal figures engaging in similar disputed behaviors.

The commentary by Zakaria took place against the backdrop of NBC's decision to end McDaniel's brief stint at the network after only four days.

According to a memo from NBCUniversial News Group Chairman Cesar Conde, the former RNC chair's hiring was deemed not conducive to creating a "cohesive and aligned" newsroom environment, leading to her prompt dismissal.

NBC Faces Criticism for McDaniel Termination

Zakaria voiced his concerns over the reasons cited for McDaniel's removal, arguing that they were not uniformly applied across political affiliations.

He specifically pointed to instances involving Democrats, such as Bill Clinton's notorious lying under oath and repeated appearances on MSNBC, calling attention to a perceived bias in the treatment of similar misconduct among conservatives and liberals.

In the same vein, Zakaria brought up Stacey Abrams, who became a figure of contention for her refusal to concede the 2018 Georgia governor's race against Brian Kemp, citing voter suppression. D

espite later acknowledging Kemp as governor, her prior stance and comments led Zakaria to label her an election denier, further emphasizing the inconsistency in liberal platforms' response to such claims.

Zakaria's Take on Liberal Double Standards

The CNN host did not shy away from critiquing the broader application of these double standards beyond just the media, extending his analysis to elite educational institutions. He alluded to ongoing controversies surrounding antisemitism at prestigious universities such as Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, comparing the responses to similar issues involving racism and hate speech.

"They say, no, it's not about that, it's that she lied," Zakaria remarked on McDaniel's firing, only to draw a parallel with Bill Clinton's past transgressions.

"Well, Bill Clinton lied, under oath. I think, last time I checked, he’s been on MSNBC. They say, well, she’s an election denier. Well, Stacey Abrams was an election denier about her own election and they’ve had her on," he further elucidated, drawing attention to the selective outrage and coverage.

Critical Analysis of Illiberal Practices Among Liberals

Zakaria criticized what he perceives as the "illiberal means" employed by liberals to achieve their objectives, arguing that such tactics only serve to undermine the very principles of liberalism they seek to defend.

"The way you're going to defend [liberalism], the way you're going to move it forward is by not cheating, not cutting corners, not having double standards," Zakaria advised, suggesting that adhering to these principles is crucial for the integrity of any political discourse.

Furthermore, Zakaria's insights extended to the issue of double standards in handling hate speech, particularly regarding antisemitism versus racism. "People said, wait a minute, you're saying it's okay to say nasty things about Jews. But wait, but when people said nasty things about African Americans, you said, oh no, that's hate speech. You can't have these double standards," he pointed out, highlighting a critical flaw in the current framework of political correctness and liberalism.

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