Father who executed three of his sons tracked one of them down as he attempted to flee

 June 24, 2023

The Ohio man who lined up his three sons and executed them with point-blank shots planned the murder for months, according to new evidence, and even tracked down one of the young boys as he attempted to flee and brought him home before continuing his depraved plan.

According to new court findings, the Ohio father who executed his three sons, ages seven, four, and three, at point-blank range also pursued one of the children as he attempted to flee and had evidently planned this murder for months.

Chad Doerman, 32, has been accused with aggravated murder for allegedly murdering his children and injuring their mother in their residence, according to The Mirror.

David Gast, the chief counsel of Municipal Court for Clermont County, stated during the prosecution that Doerman "hunted" one of the children. The child attempted to flee into a nearby field, but Doerman apprehended him and brought him home to continue the execution-style murders.

Gast stated that these were the most heinous murders he had ever witnessed. Doerman's bond was set at $20 million. Currently, he is being detained at the Clermont County Jail.

Father Confesses in Court to Planning Murders For Months

When officers arrived to apprehend the father, they found Doerman sitting calmly on the front porch steps next to his firearm. The harrowing bodycam footage revealed that the children's corpses were lying near him in the street.

Upon arrival, paramedics attempted to treat the children, but they were all pronounced deceased shortly thereafter.

The unidentified mother was also outside and was shot in the hand while attempting to defend her children from their father.

Additionally, they had a daughter who was able to flee and alert nearby individuals of the situation, prompting them to contact the police, who arrived moments after the shootings.

The Terrified 14-Year-Old Girl Ran Into The Street For Help

The terrifying ordeal began on Thursday evening in Monroe Township, approximately 20 miles east of Cincinnati.

A woman was driving home and was almost there when she noticed a blonde teenage girl sprinting down the street. She allegedly shrieked and asserted that her stepfather was "killing everyone in her family."

The subsequent few minutes transpired like a scene from a horror film as was seen in a recording released by Fox News, a neighbor can be heard saying, "I asked her to ride with me, but she said she couldn't abandon her family."

The dispatcher asked her, "Did you see anything from the house?"

"I was afraid that I was going to get shot myself since I interacted with her face-to-face," she responded. The caller's voice was imbued with distress as she struggled to find the words to describe what she was seeing.

Doerman was arrested without a struggle: "I ain't gonna hurt nobody," Doerman told arresting officers

"Shut up, dude. You have the right to remain silent. F***ing use it," a deputy told him.

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