FBI gives inexcusable reason for avoiding involvement in Biden document search

 January 19, 2023

The FBI has been under controversy after the Justice Department (DOJ) allowed President Joe Biden's lawyers to search for classified documents in his Delaware home without their monitoring.

The DOJ considered sending FBI agents but decided against it, drawing the anger of many over the apparent hypocrisy.

The background

"Those deliberations, which haven’t previously been reported, shed new light on how the Biden team’s efforts to cooperate with investigators have thus far helped it avoid more aggressive actions by law enforcement," the Wall Street Journal reported.

"In the week since news reports first surfaced about the documents, the incident has drawn parallels to the discovery of a much larger number of documents at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, which federal agents obtained a warrant to search in August," it added.

No excuse

“It is on its face preposterous that introducing the FBI at an early stage would preclude getting tougher — resorting to a search warrant, for example — down the road,” Andrew McCarthy stated.

“Not only is that common sense; we know it from experience: The Justice Department sent FBI agents along with a DOJ official to Mar-a-Lago in early June 2022 to retrieve documents with classification markings. That in no way prevented the Justice Department from ‘taking a tougher line’ by executing a search warrant two months later," he added.

Former President Donald Trump blasted the lack of security in a post on Truth Social.

Trump rages about Biden documents

“The White House just announced that there are no LOGS or information of any kind on visitors to the Wilmington house and flimsy, unlocked, and unsecured, but now very famous, garage. Maybe they are smarter than we think! This is one of the seemingly many places where HIGHLY CLASSIFIED documents are stored (in a big pile on the damp floor),” the former president said.

“Mar-a-Lago is a highly secured facility, with Security Cameras all over the place, and watched over by staff & our great Secret Service. I have INFO on everyone!” he added.

The latest findings push against Biden's claims of transparency, as there are many unanswered questions surrounding how the documents were moved and why.

The news that his own lawyers were allowed to search for any other documents also complicates the matter, as they were given access to areas that could hold materials related to the nation's security.

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