FBI investigating threats toward Colorado judges who voted to disqualify Trump

 December 27, 2023

The FBI is officially getting involved in assessing violent threats toward the Colorado Supreme Court judges who voted to kick Donald Trump off the ballot. 

While there are no credible threats, the FBI and local police are on alert in response to violent rhetoric being used online.

"The FBI is aware of the situation and working with local law enforcement," the agency said in a statement.

"We will vigorously pursue investigations of any threat or use of violence committed by someone who uses extremist views to justify their actions regardless of motivation."

FBI swoops in

The Colorado Supreme Court narrowly ruled that Trump is disqualified from holding office because he caused an "insurrection" on January 6th.

Three judges dissented, saying Trump did not receive due process.

The divisive ruling has been celebrated by many Democrats as a prophylactic measure to protect "democracy," but many find such reasoning ironic seeing that the ruling limits the options of voters.

The ruling has outraged many in the Trump movement, and local police in Denver have stepped up patrols around the homes of the justices.

A threat to one of the judges' residences was looked into and found to be a "hoax."

But police said they are "investigating incidents directed at Colorado Supreme Court justices and will continue working with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to thoroughly investigate any reports of threats or harassment."

Polarized nation

The FBI has faced growing skepticism from the right over a pattern of bias at the agency toward conservatives and Trump supporters.

The agency is still doing damage control over a notorious internal memo that described traditionalist Catholics as potential terrorists.

Violent threats toward public officials - including judges - have become unfortunately common in an increasingly polarized America where the decision of a court can tip the balance of power.

A Florida man was recently arrested for threatening to kill Supreme Court justice Chief Roberts, and the Secret Service opened a probe into actor John Schneider after he called for Joe Biden to be hanged.

The Supreme Court in Michigan ruled Wednesday that Trump can remain on the ballot.

Of course, violence is never acceptable, but the public should be wary of the FBI exaggerating dangers to expand its power - especially given its clear track record of abuse.

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