FBI memos reveal internal issues, lost weapons, drunk driving

 February 23, 2023

Multiple FBI workers have been caught in controversial actions, according to memos reviewed by a news outlet.

The concerns have included drunk driving, stealing and losing weapons, among other issues.

The concerns

"Although there was a lockbox in the trunk for storage of weapons and sensitive items," the agent chose to store the rifle bag behind the car's front passenger seat, Just the News reported.

"While Employee was in the Starbucks, the Bucar was burglarized. The rear passenger, rear driver, and tailgate windows were broken, and the rifle bag containing the M4 was stolen," it added.

5 years in the making

"Just the News obtained 13 such reports covering most of the five years between 2017 and 2022," the outlet noted.

"The reports were provided by Steve Friend, an FBI special agent who recently left the bureau after blowing the whistle on alleged civil liberty violations during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot investigation," it added.

The full list of reports can be found here.

The reports add to additional recent concerns about the FBI's actions which have included targeting Catholics and other groups that have done nothing wrong as American citizens expressing their freedoms.

The GOP-led Congress is now looking for answers as the agency has become increasingly biased and now includes reported increases in concerning actions by employees.

Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) blasted President Joe Biden for his misuse of the FBI and other agencies in a Twitter post: "You used the ATF to illegally ban guns. You sent the FBI after Christians for praying outside abortion clinics. You used Big Tech to censor your opponents. You sent the FBI after parents for going to school board meetings. You tried to fire people who didn't want the COVID vax," she wrote.

The latest information reveals concerns dating back at least five years that should draw the scrutiny of lawmakers as the House further investigates the FBI's recent actions and decides how to proceed.

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