Federal Agencies Forced To Use Buildings At 60% Capacity Rate Or Sell Unused Space

 March 14, 2024

President Joe Biden is likely feeling DEFEATED over the latest news.

If a new bill called the USE IT bill led by Representative Scott Perry passes, the government will NO LONGER have a choice.

If their buildings are not at a 60% capacity, they will be forced to sell the unused space.

Representative Scott Perry took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to share an update on his bill that will hold lazy government officials accountable.

Use It Act

“Today, we'll vote on my bill, the USE IT Act, which will force agencies to use their offices at a 60% capacity rate or sell the buildings,” Perry wrote in the post.

“Right now, American Taxpayers are forced to pay $2 billion a year for office space - almost half the size of Disney World - that D.C. bureaucrats refuse to use,” Perry also said.

Perry did not stop there; he went on to call out Joe Biden.

“President Biden is grasping onto more than 11,000 acres of old, unused buildings,” Perry said.

Unelected bureaucrats won't come back to work

Perry is not the only one who is absolutely fed up with Biden’s useless policies: Republican House Majority Whip Tom Emmer also shared a powerful statement on Perry’s new bill.

“American taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for unelected federal bureaucrats who refuse to come back to work. House Republicans are delivering on our promise to claw back government waste and reduce the Biden administration's bloated bureaucracy with Congressman Perry's commonsense legislation,” Emmer said.

Emmer is right.

Why should the laziness of government officials fall back on the taxpayers?


Holding government accountable

Republican Senator Joni Ernst has also been vocal about her feelings toward government wastefulness.

“It's past time to put an end to the waste. My message to Biden's bureaucrats is simple: use it or lose it. If the Biden admin won't utilize expensive agency space to serve the American people, we should sell it off,” Ernst said to Daily Mail.

We need MORE bills like this.

More accountability to government officials is always a positive.

Do you want the USE IT bill to pass?

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