Federal judge blocks Biden asylum rule

 July 26, 2023

A federal judge has blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a border policy concerning asylum.

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar ruled Tuesday that the regulation would be placed on hold for two weeks to allow time for an appeal.

The details

"This new rule was put in place ahead of the end of a public health pandemic policy in mid-May. The Biden administration and lawmakers in both parties had anticipated that the ending of Title 42 would prompt up to 18,000 illegal immigrant arrests per day once Border Patrol was no longer allowed to simply turn people back to Mexico," the Washington Examiner reported.

"The rule gave the DHS the ability to bar people from entry without having to place them in extensive court proceedings and release them into the United States," it added.

Related to Title 42

"The rule formed the centerpiece of the administration's strategy to deal with the expiration of the Title 42 public health order in May. It presumes migrants to be ineligible for asylum if they have entered the U.S. illegally and have failed to claim asylum in a country through which they have already traveled," Fox News reported.

"The administration has said it is designed to discourage irregular migration and encourage migrants to use the expanded legal pathways set up, including the use of the controversial CBP One app – which allows migrants to apply for one of the more than 1,400 appointments at a port of entry each day to be paroled into the U.S." it added.

The ACLU's involvement

"The ACLU and other groups had argued the rule violates a U.S. law that protects the right to asylum regardless of how a person enters the country," the Associated Press reported.

"The groups said it forces migrants to seek protection in countries that don’t have the same robust asylum system and human rights protections as the United States," it continued.

The lawsuit continues as the Biden administration's border policies have led to unprecedented numbers of migrant crossing into the U.S. during his term.

More than 5 million migrants have crossed the southern border in less than three years, immediately following the partial construction of a border wall to stop illegal immigration.

The border issue will remain a top political issue as Biden faces reelection in 2024 following his weak leadership to protect the nation's security.

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