Federal judge rules California gun law is unconstitutional

 April 3, 2023

California has long had some of the country's most restrictive gun laws. Yet in an unwelcome move for Democrats, a federal judge recently dealt one of them a serious blow. 

According to Breitbart, Judge Dana M. Sabraw ruled on Monday that California's Unsafe Handgun Act is unconstitutional.

Law imposes onerous requirements on new handguns

Under its provisions, any new semiautomatic handgun must have a loaded chamber indicator as well as a mechanism to prevent it from being fired if a magazine is not fully inserted.

The law also requires that when a new handgun is added to the list of approved weapons, three previously approved firearms must be removed.

What's more, the Unsafe Handgun Act mandates the microstamping of ammunition, which involves etching a unique microscopic code onto every cartridge.

Breitbart noted that the law is being challenged by Lana Rae Renna, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Firearms Policy Coalition, and San Diego County Gun Owners.

Gun rights activist hails decision as "yet another victory"

In siding with the plaintiffs, Sabraw issued an injunction banning the Unsafe Handgun Act from being enforced, a move which was welcomed by Second Amendment Foundation executive director Adam Kraut.

"Today’s decision marks yet another victory for California gun owners and Californians who wish to purchase modern handguns," Breitbart quoted Kraut as saying in a statement.

"Importantly, the Court determined that California failed to present historically comparable analogues to its requirement that handguns be equipped with loaded chamber indicators, magazine disconnect safeties, and have the ability to imprint a microstamp on fired casings," he continued.

"It is long overdue for California’s restriction on the ability of its citizens to purchase modern handguns meet its fate of being relegated to the pages of history," Kraut declared.

Second time Unsafe Handgun Act has been found unconstitutional

This is not the first time that the Unsafe Handgun Act has recently been in the news, as Reuters reported that U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney also found it to be in violation of the Second Amendment.

Carney, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, put a two-week stay on his ruling in order to provide the state with time to file an appeal.

That move led California Attorney General Rob Bonta to obtain an order from the Ninth Circuit blocking Carney's decision.


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